Under 21 Car Rental Los Angeles

Nowadays car is an important element for a successful tour. If you are one of those young travellers who love to explore new locations and thinking of picking Los Angeles as your next destination, then the first problem you will encounter here is the probability to get under 21 car rental Los Angeles.

Luckily, a big number of people are making efforts to meet the requisitions of the gen Y and thus now under 21 car rental isn’t something impossible. As suggested by regulations, the minimum age to enjoy a road trip is 21, but there are legal ways to get around it. Because young travelers are subjected to increased risk hence they should pay an additional fee. But the fees differ from one company to another and largely affect the final price while booking a vehicle.

The age limit in LAX Airport, California is under legal regulation.  The under 21 drivers are considered inexperienced in Los Angeles CA. 

There are plethora of places to book and variety of offers to look around. However, it is important that you compare the prices and vehicle along with the pickup points. Once you find the most appropriate deal for under 21 car rental, you can go for it. The airport deals will satisfy you in every way. But, the car rental under 21 is a little heavy on your wallet, irrespective of the location. Sometimes the rental prices increases by additional 10 to 50 percent.  It is because of the underage fee which is needed to compensate for the possible material losses of the company.

Factors which affect the car rental under-21 price in Los Angeles

The price of the car rental is the major thing which interests the booker. Basically it includes the rental price along with additional expenses. Usually, on an average, the final price increases by $25 to $45 per day and largely depends on the service provider.

Considering this, the minimum rate for a car rental for under 21 in Los Angeles –Airport is twice more costlier than +25 drivers. However, there are other aspects which affect the rental price in LAX Airport. Some of them are given below:

  • Round trip or one-way trip
  • Insurance kind
  • Vendor
  • Type of vehicle being booked
  •  Duration of the car rental
  • Time left till pick-up date
  • Additional equipment booked

Irrespective of your age, you should carry a set of documents to get a rental car. First of all, you need your passport for car hire. For those less than 21 years of age, they should have one year of driving experience. Also, the drivers below 21 years of age are limited to only few car rental categories like SSAR, CFAR, CCAR, SCAR, ISAR, FCAR, ECAR, ILAE, MBAR and MVAR.

So, the next time you plan to book a car for your trip make sure you carry all the required documents and choose a reputed and reliable car rental company to book your car. Book in advance to avoid peak season hassles!

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