Monday Night Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon
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Once again, the Authority angle is alive and well in WWE. It may not come in the form of Triple H beating the hell out of Daniel Bryan on a weekly basis or wrestlers being threatened with their careers if they don’t side with the evil genius of the McMahon family, but it’s alive and well. Even more so with the recent angle of Stephanie McMahon firing Mick Foley. If professional wrestling cannot have the Mr. McMahon character as part of its weekly entertainment, why not have the next best thing? [DavidL] While the story angle allows Foley to have hip surgery and take care of health issues, it gives the daughter of the patriarch of professional wrestling a chance to shine in the only role she knows how to fill. I actually find it quite refreshing, taking a step away from the syrupy sweet back-and-forth tension between the commissioner of Raw and the program’s general manager. I can’t wait to see how will the company incorporate her evil genius and her husband’s villainous stroke after Wrestlemania 33? The two aren’t interchangeable yet, but they should be as the McMahon-Seth Rollins angle will be a major part of programming moving forward. As long as Rollins’ knee holds up, the summer months should be red hot. In this case, yes we have returned back to it Daniel Bryan-type of angle. While brother Shane McMahon has perfected the lovable, likable commissioner role on SmackDown Live it is Stephanie McMahon who has adopted her father’s evil mentality. If there was ever anyone who was born to run a wrestling promotion, it is the heiress to the throne. Will her greed and selfishness lead to changes in both brand rosters and will it create a new “whipping boys” on Monday night? And furthermore, who joins Rollins in the quest to take down professional wrestling’s biggest power couple? Raw is at a disadvantage, as the blue team has kicked its ass week after week. Taking advantage of better storylines and better programming. I really believe the third hour hurts Monday nights more than it helps. There has to be a way to eliminate hour three. If they can and work on wrestling more than promotion, the Red Team would find more success The only thing better than this kind of angle would be the return of Vinny Mack to primetime television. I doubt that happens. Monday nights are in good hands with Stephanie McMahon pulling the trigger. However, because of the brand split, there is a disconnection with the fans. There is also always a chance daddy will return to stir the pot and make things right. After Wrestlemania 33, Stephanie and Triple H will continue their dominance, much like it was two years ago. I suspect a new general manager will only add to the storyline. And no, I don’t think Kurt Angle is the solution. But I do think Rollins et al will create a new version of the old scene. And like her father before her, all this does is make Stephanie McMahon super villain number one. In this case, that’s exactly where she wants to be.

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