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Singapore is a tiny country but its fashion and style mania are not. The taste of fashion, styles, beauty has been changed a lot in recent years as Western culture is made its own way replacing the typical Asian styles in Singapore. As Western culture is pushing the Asian culture to make its own place a lot of new things are happening. We are not going to cover everything rather will try to focus on the combination Singaporean’s developed over the years to demonstrate a new level of fashion mania. The fashion trends in Singapore changed a lot and reached a new height in creating space for mixed trends of styling.

Today, I will share the experience at different points of Singapore which will reveal the fashion trends in Singapore.

Fashion Trends at Universities

Some of the universities of Singapore are in the top ranking and many international students are there. So if you visit a university in Singapore, you will feel that you are immersed in a wide variety of styles. For example, the American students are following the American fashion trends whereas the Asians are following the fashion trends of their own country. For example, Indonesian studying in Singapore will wear a veil whereas others are not. The interesting fact is that original Singaporean follows a combination, neither it is western nor Asian. That mixture is somewhat biased to western culture, not fully.

Styles at Streets

Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations. So, you will see a lot of foreigners here and there. Disintegrating the Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean is a tough job for a foreigner, not for a local person. But you can differentiate them by analyzing the clothes they wear, styles they follow and the languages they speak. This describes how well universalized fashion trends are in Singapore. You will see a lot of international brand shops operating in here, both Asian and Western. This mixture of two distinct parts of the world made the streets of Singapore heaven for the fashion-following people who want to study.

Tourist Spot Styles

At tourist spots of Singapore, you will generally find a lot of tourist from the distinct parts of the world. Most of the tourists are from the developed world and hence the makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, and other costumes are totally different from the other countries. You will see some tourists are wearing a lot of clothes than the others and are not following the ‘open dress‘ culture. You can assume that they are ‘Muslim’. They are following their own traditions. The styles of Australia, USA, and Europe are more or less similar. But you will also see some visitors from Africa, whose styles are 100% different from others.

Styles followed by tourists and original Singaporean’s are quite different. Although in recent years the styles of Singapore has experienced a well-diversified change, still they are holding their cultures in their mind. Westernized cultures and fashion styles are being more pre-dominant but as they are being mixed with the Asian cultures it is forming some other style zone for the Singaporean’s. Who knows maybe in the near future, this cross-border mixed styles will be popular all through the world.

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