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Why Orlando Airport Limo should be your ride around Disney World!

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Disney World is a very popular tourist destination and one of the highlights of Florida. Not only is the wonderful place heaven for kids, but it is also quite fun for the nostalgic adults.

Disney is spread over a huge area of 30,000 acres, with a grand total of over 38 million visitors annually. Many of the magical sights here cannot be seen anywhere else in the world!

Here at Orlando Limo service, we have the same affection towards our childhood favorite venue! Our service has driven many people around the fascinating Disney World over the course of years. We strive to make your holiday one you could never forget!

Why choose Orlando Limo?

●     We Have Experience:

Having been in the business for over two decades, we have given above-satisfactory rides to thousands of customers. Our chauffeurs are trained and know all there is to learn about the streets and roads of Florida!

They are also skilled in driving safe yet swift, with complete sincerity towards traffic rules. Our goal is to have you sit back and enjoy while our chauffeur drives you around the gorgeous town!

●     We Have Affordability:

No need to worry about price when booking from OAL. Our prices are very affordable so everyone can enjoy themselves at Disney Resorts and other venues. Who thought luxurious cars could be too expensive to rent?

Our lowest rates start with just $60 per hour! We also offer special package for people who want to go from Airport straight to Disney! You can learn more about it here.

●     We Have Variety:

At Orlando Airport Limousine, we have a fleet of stylish cars. Whether you want an average town car Cadillac or a Suburban Limo, just ask and we’ll have it!

With OAL by your side, you never have to worry about space consumption. Our cars have separate luggage compartments, as well as handicap support!

●     We Have Style:

Our cars are not only comfortable, they look sumptuous and have a classy feel! Even with the most affordable prices, our cars have all the entertaining features like heated & cooled seats, high quality audio and touch-screen TV.

Besides the interior, our cars have sleek exterior and will make you look and feel like the Disney King/Queen you are!

●     We Have Reach:

Orlando Airport Limo not only gives rides across Orlando, but almost the entire Florida! Whether you live in Jacksonville or are touring around Hollywood, we will easily pick you up from your doorstep and drop you off at Disney Hotels!

What are the attractions at Disney World?

Like every other tourist spot, Disney World Orlando has its own beloved games. Some of the most enjoyed games include:

★    Cinderella Castle is the iconic Disney ride with a story of our favorite princess!

★    Magic Kingdom Park is a theme park in Disney with several enjoyable rides!

★    Expedition Everest is one of the tallest roller coasters. The name Everest speaks about its great height and the thrill of it!


★    Animal Viewing is the place where children can interact with their favorite animals.

★    Haunted Mansion is the classic silly castle with horror jump scares.

★    Pirates of the Caribbean is a ride with darker colors showing troubles of pirates.

★    Splash Mountain is a log flume and a fun ride sure to leave you wet!

How Orlando Airport Limo gives you the perfect tour of a magical land:

Since Disney covers an enormous area, it has to be travelled in the best luxury. Orlando Airport Limo has hundreds of high-end luxury cars with expert drivers.

The chauffeurs are familiar with Disney so for a tourist or a first-time visitor, they can help with recommending rides and taking you to your destination with superb navigation.

Along with all three benefits, our cars don’t have a long booking time and our chauffeurs are very punctual. There won’t be even a slight disruption on a family holiday from our side! You won’t have to wait a second anywhere!

Booking a Ride:

Orlando Airport Limousine impressively offers more than a few ways to contact and book your ride according to your plans!

Once you have checked our Fleet page out and decided the kind of car you’re looking for, you can reserve a ride by either of three methods:

1.   Online Booking:

The quickest way to book your Limo today would be online reservation through our web page. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily navigate through the reservation process.

The process has just 3 steps:

  1. Enter the ride info such as the date, venue and time of pickup. You can select the service type as “To/From All Disney Area Hotel Resorts”.
  2. Then, choose the car you had in mind for a perfect trip!
  3. Enter some final details like payment method and email address. You have the option to decide if you want a return ride as well.

Once you’re done, your car will arrive just in time for your epic adventure and will have you cruising around the fascinating Disney World!

2.   Booking through Call:

A second means of booking a ride with OAL would be to call at our toll-free number 1-800-617-9590 and reserving the kind of ride you desire!

3.   Reservation by Email:

Alternatively, you can also email us at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com including all the necessary details such as your name, phone number, type of ride and pick-up time & location. You can then either wait for the confirmation email or call ahead.

Have any questions?

It’s more than likely your query has been answered through FAQs, but incase you don’t find an answer, you can contact us, or call us at 407-442-2777. You can even email on the aforementioned address. Our team is available 24/7, and is always prepared to answer everything!

Happy Booking to the Magical Land!

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