Super Bowl LV Predictions

The 2020 NFL season has been unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Games have been rescheduled left and right; Baltimore and Pittsburgh played a game 150 hours after the originally scheduled kick-off. And, we have had Tuesday night football and Wednesday night football. All the games have been able to be played, but it is different.

The Super Bowl is still scheduled to be played on the first Sunday in February. You can bet online, through a sportsbook, making sure all of your sports betting needs can be met. It’s fantastic that the game will likely still happen, despite the coronavirus playing a significant role in reshaping the league and the entire sports landscape.


In 2019, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to come out victorious in the last Super Bowl, defeating the 49ers. It gave Andy Reid his first ring after so many years of trying. And the world saw just how good Patrick Mahomes can be on the biggest stage. As a result of last year’s success, there is nothing truly stopping the Chiefs from doing it again.

We know that their offense is the best in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes has 34 touchdown passes to only two interceptions this year. Honestly, there is not a weakness on that side of the ball. Their rookie running back, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, has thrived in his role with the team. And Le’Veon Bell has been okay as the number two when he has needed to be. KC should be the odds on favorite to repeat as champions.

Also, from the AFC, you have the Tennessee Titans. Derrick Henry runs the ball like a man possessed, while Ryan Tannehill continues to sling it very impressively. This is a team that can seriously give Kansas City a run for their money as they did last year.

We also cannot forget about the likes of the Buffalo Bills, the Cleveland Browns, and the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Anything can indeed happen in the National Football League playoffs, so AFC contenders best wear their hardhats. It will be exciting.

The Teams to Bet On in the NFC

It is tough to say at this moment who the premier team in the NFC is. The Saints have been red hot, no matter who has been the quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is playing like he’s 27, not 37 – the age he turned earlier this week. You have Tom Brady, who will likely pick up his game at some point. Of course, the Seattle Seahawks are right there, too.

Any of the wild card teams will have an opportunity to compete within the conference in the postseason. Kyler Murray’s Cardinals might be able to make some noise. The Rams and Jared Goff are not a bad team either. You never know.

Although forced to make a prediction, the Green Bay Packers in New Orleans Saints are the safest bets. Two teams with veteran quarterbacks that have had playoff success in the past. Head coaches that know the playbook and the personnel very well. The talent is on display constantly, and every week they’re making a new defense look foolish for trying to stop them.

The Likeliest Super Bowl Matchup

The likeliest matchup for Super Bowl LV would feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. You can bet online or with a sportsbook. The art of sports betting is never easy, and it won’t be this year either. But if you want to make a quick buck or 100, or 1000 even, this is the matchup to pick—Mahomes versus Rogers on the biggest stage, in a game that we will never forget.

The Packers will finally figure out how to get to a Super Bowl for the first time in almost a decade, while Kansas City will make it for the second year in a row. Cannot wait to see this happen. Because it will.

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