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Survivor Game Changers
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Survivor Game Changers: A View from A Fan

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“Reinventing How the Game Is Played”

This week, as expected, one alliance fell as another one formed. The merged Maku Maku tribe came back to camp with half of the tribe in shock. Meanwhile, the other half came back feeling empowered after shifting the balance of power within the tribe.

The original alliance of six featuring Brad (Culpepper), Debbie, Sierra, Sarah, Troyzan, and Tai, fell, as Sarah decided to change her vote. This sent Debbie to the jury. However, a new alliance of six featuring Andrea, Aubry, Cirie, Michaela, Zeke, and now Sarah formed as the tribe left the tribal council.

The split the tribes into two for the reward challenge. The winner received a massive reward of a spa, all kinds of food (with cheesecake for dessert), and, perhaps more importantly, a night’s sleep in an actual bed.

It was a long exhausting challenge that saw the puzzle section itself take over an hour. Blue won and enjoyed a massive reward. At the reward, Brad and Zeke formed a relationship and bond. However, Andrea is not letting Zeke forget that she is upset with him.

The Immunity challenge was perhaps more exhausting than the reward challenge as the castaways had to take blocks and high step through squares to take one block at a time and set them up in a row at which point they knock them down like dominoes. If they tripped over the squares, the whole row of blocks fell over and they had to start over.

To be successful, the last one had to land on a plate hanging in front to signal the win. Although there were a few near finishes, Andrea wound up with the immunity necklace. Immune from the night’s vote, she went all out trying to rally the tribe against Zeke. Andrea had been bitter towards Zeke after Zeke began to plot against Andrea several days ago.

Ultimately, Andrea got her wish and the new alliance decided to vote out one of their own and blindsided Zeke over to the Jury.

Let’s Break Things Down

Strongest Survivor:


The past few weeks, her bitterness towards Zeke seemed like it could eventually get the best of her and cost her spot in the game. However, Andrea almost singlehandedly convinced castaways who liked and trusted Zeke to vote against them. They were not happy with it, but for whatever reason, they went along with it.

Now that Andrea got her wish and the council voted out Zeke, her focus seemed to focus back on the game and not so much on her emotions from being upset with Zeke. No saying how long she will stay in the game, but she made herself look nice and strong this week.

Soon to Be Snuffed:


There is not one person in particular who makes you go “they are going home next”. However, every week, it almost feels like, even though nobody except the viewers knows that he has two immunity idols, there is a chance Tai will be blindsided.

You cannot fault him for not wanting to play one or both of them too early. Still, every week it almost seems like they will decide to vote him out without him realizing it. When it comes out, he is a dead man walking.

Next Week on Survivor

Next week, Sierra and Sarah decide to work together to remain in the game. The castaways also receive a reward they were wanting. Greater than any other offering thus far.

Survivor: Game Changers airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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