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Marvel fans, you can finally enjoy something new! Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is officially in theaters, meaning that the MCU has expanded once more. Before we go any farther, let me just drop the classic SPOILER warning right now. If you have not seen the film yet, bookmark this page and come back after you see it.

Alright, you still with us? Then let’s get down to the good stuff, shall we? Guardians two was certainly an entertaining film. While it overall did not surpass the first film in my eyes, it did come close. This one was hilarious, arguably more so than number one, but the music was not quite as good.

Just like any Marvel fan, I certainly walked away with a few things on my mind. The things mentioned above are a few of the more broad ones. But below are a few more in depths topics and thoughts I found myself thinking about on the car ride home after seeing the film.

Yondu and Rocket’s Story Stole The Show

This film was all about relationships. Peter got a chance to bond with his father (until he went all evil of course). Gamora and Nebula worked out their issues throughout the film. Drax and Mantis spent a lot of time together. But it was the interactions between Yondu and Rocket that truly stood out.

From the start, these two really do not like one another. But then they get locked in the same cell together by the Ravengers. It is here that the two that these two truly start to bond a bit. They both try to coach Baby Groot when it comes to retrieving Yondu’s new fin.

It is a scene after they escape where the two truly become close however. After some back and forth yelling, Yondu explains how he knows exactly who Rocket is. This is because he sees himself in the little guy. They are both loud mouth outcasts who like to scare others away. When you boil things down to their core, these two are certainly very similar.

So when Yondu ends up sacrificing himself, it certainly hits Peter hard. But it also clearly shakes up Yondu’s new friend. Watching these two interact throughout the film was my personal favorite part of the film. So it will be sad that we won’t get any more.

Drax was given nothing to do

Let’s be real here. You could have taken Drax out of this film entirely and it would have had zero impact on the plot. He was in here for comedic relief. That’s it. From jokes about his nipples to his turds to his nether regions, it was clear from the start that there was a theme.

This was hands down one of the bigger disappointments of the movie in this viewers eyes. While he made the film extremely funny, I missed some of the seriousness we saw from him in the original. When we first met him, he was angry. He would talk about how he wanted to kill Thanos for what he had done to his family.

In the sequel, there was none of that. So as much as his jokes made me laugh and made the film funnier, it would have been nice to have seen some of that drive from him at least a few times. Or at least something substantial to do in terms of taking down Ego or the Sovereign.

Baby Groot Was a Treat Every Time He Appeared

Two of my favorite scenes in the entire movie featured Baby Groot. The first, the opening credit sequence. Like the first film, they opened on Earth, followed by a sequence that sees one of the main characters bust a move to a fun tune. This go around, it was Baby Groot jamming out to the musical stylings of ELO.

While the rest of the team was concerned with taking down the Obelisk, Groot was putting together a radio. He finally completes his mission, and the music began. The next few minutes we are treated to Baby Groot dancing across the screen while his team is getting beat around by the space monster in the background.

My second favorite scene is one I mentioned earlier. While Yondu and Rocket are in their cell, it is Baby Groot that must be counted on to retrieve the fin. But even though the instructions are explained to him over and over again, he always returns with the wrong object. It is a classic scene that makes you wish we could see more of Baby Groot in the MCU.

Thankfully for Yondu and Rocket, Kraglin steps in to help out the little guy to get the fin.

Star-Lord Could Have Been a True Force Moving Forward in the MCU

If you thought Star-Lord had a large ego going into the film, just imagine how big it would have gotten if things unfolded a little differently in this film. For starters, his father’s name is Ego. Ego is a Celestial, who is essentially a god. Therefore, Peter is also part god.

What this means is he is immortal. He can also channel his inner powers to basically create whatever he wants. During the scene where Peter makes the ball, I was sitting there thinking how much of an impact this could have on Infinity War. But things did not last long for Star-Lord.

By killing Ego at the end of the film, Star-Lord essentially forfeits his powers. Now, I am not totally convinced that his powers are gone for good. But it sure seems like they are certainly going to be diminished. Could you imagine how important he would have been in the fight against Thanos if he kept his abilities, however?

We Haven’t Seen The Last of Ayesha and The Sovereign

Entering the film, most thought that Ayesha would turn into the film’s main antagonist. While she and the Sovereign were certainly a thorn in the side of the Guardians, they never truly become the big bad thanks to Ego. However, this was likely just the firs chapter of the Ayesha story.

We see her in the middle credit scene. In this scene, she is seen with a pod. This pod is called “Adam”, meaning she will be the one bringing Adam Warlock to life. Given his importance in the comics, I would say it’s a safe bet that he will have a big impact moving forward in the MCU.

As a result, Ayesha and The Sovereign will also likely play a role in this Marvel world as we continue. Now it may not be until Guardians three, but she will be back. There is more to her story. The studio would not have kept her around and given her a crucial credit scene if she were totally done in the universe.

So there you have it folks. Did you leave Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2  thinking the same things? What else stood out to you? Tell us in the comments!

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