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Survivor Game Changers - Wednesday, CBS
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Survivor Game Changers: A View From A Fan

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“It’s Not a High Without A Low”

After voting out Debbie and becoming the majority alliance, the new alliance lasts for all of a few days. At the urging of Andrea, the new alliance surprisingly took out one of their own when they voted out Zeke at the last tribal council. This week some of the castaways of Survivor: Game Changers were left scratching their heads, despite voting for Zeke. Meanwhile, Brad, Troyzan, Andrea, and Cirie seemed to still be nervous but definitely took notice as the new alliance voted out one of their own.

At the reward challenge, the prize was a good old American BBQ (Burgers, Hot Dogs, etc.) There was a bonus prize as well: the much-anticipated reunion of the castaways with their loved ones. They split the castaways into teams of three. It was Brad, Aubry, and Andrea vs. Cirie, Troyzan, and Sierra vs. Tai, Sarah, and Michaela.

Brad, Aubry, and Andrea won the challenge and the reward. After the challenge, facing these three was the unenviable task of picking two more castaways to join them. Frankly, this is always the worst part of the loved ones visit because regardless of who the challenge winners pick, they are depriving castaways of time with their loved ones.

This is something that Brad, Aubry, and Andrea were very well aware of. At any rate, the three of them chose Cirie and Sarah, along with Cirie’s son and Sarah’s husband. While at the reward, Brad took advantage of his time with his wife Monica, a former Survivor contestant herself. What Monica knew that the other loved ones didn’t is Survivor lingo and exactly how the game works.

At the immunity challenge, a brand-new challenge faced the castaways. Whoever lasted the longest on a small balance beam while holding up a buoy with two sticks would win individual immunity. Brad was able to outlast Tai to win his first individual immunity challenge as a contestant on Survivor.
At tribal council, it really came down two to names. Andrea has a huge target on her back after everyone felt that she was a strong player and would continue to win as long as she is in the game.

They have thrown Sierra’s name around before. However, not as much as it was this time around. The new alliance, despite voting one of their own off at the last tribal council, was determined to break up the alliance of Brad and Sierra. While Brad was their target, he would win individual immunity. Thus, negating the plan to get rid of him.

Ultimately, the tribe broke up the alliance of Brad and Sierra by voting off Sierra in a 6-3 vote. Sarah ultimately voted for Sierra, but Sierra still willed her legacy advantage to Sarah nonetheless. Granted, Sierra didn’t know Sarah had voted for her.

Let’s Break Things Down

Strongest Survivor:


Sarah has undoubtedly come into her own as one of the stronger players, especially this week. She already took out an alliance while creating a new one when she flipped and voted out Debbie. Sierra not only told her about her legacy advantage but also told her that she would will it to Sarah should the tribe vote her out. (The contestant with the legacy advantage must will it to another contestant if the tribe votes them out before they use it).

Sarah also has another secret advantage, which she got from a reward challenge after Michaela, who wasn’t picked in the schoolyard draw, was too busy sulking to notice it. This advantage is the ability to steal another contestant’s vote at tribal council. She is patiently waiting to use it, but when she does, the rest of the tribe won’t know what hit them.

Soon to Be Snuffed:


Michaela’s name could easily be here too. The reason it isn’t is because Andrea has a bigger target on her back right now. Although they went along with her plan, a few of the castaways in the alliance were ultimately not happy about it after the fact, as they had voted out one of their own.
Not only that, but there is also the fact that Andrea has been a strong player and that other members of the tribe think that if she makes it to the final tribal, she will ultimately win. Saving Andrea this week was the tribe’s desire to break up the alliance of Brad and Sierra. However, her name is still very much on the chopping block.

Next Time on Survivor:

Tensions are higher than they’ve ever been as the castaways continue to try and make more moves. It may take some unexpected moves to solve things. We’ll see next week.

Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS

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