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OSRS Pure Characters: Yay or Nay?

Combat OSRS pure characters often have high offensive stats while keeping defense and other stats low. It's to keep combat level low while maintaining a high offensive capability. These builds give an edge for PvP at lower levels. They’re not going to hold up in most high-level PvP. There are many variations and builds for OSRS pure characters. You can keep reading for a brief description of those. One-Defense Pure
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Culture: How Gaming Is Linked To Leadership Skills

Once traditionally viewed as a leisure activity, the real world value of gaming is now more widely recognized. Today’s games require complex problem solving skills, decision making, as well as decisive leadership. Many similar attributes connect the world of gaming with the role of leadership; and with gaming being such a big part of mainstream culture, many of today’s young leaders are taking their inspiration from gameplay. Risk and reward
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Grand Theft Auto V Release, A Monster Success, Generates $800 Million After Launch.

The team at Take Two had exciting news about the release of Grand Theft Auto V as it recently announced that the game generated around $800 million in sales during the first 24 hours after its release. The team has also announced that the amount is just about the highest first-day retail sales of any game title and that includes all the other GTA games. The team has eventually then