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8 Tips for Staying Awake During a Night Shift

Because we live in a modern society that is constantly up and running, almost 15 million people work night shifts, evening shifts or work full-time or any other combination of a schedule. The sad reality is that almost 12 per cent of adults work about 48 hours or more per week and more than 7 per cent work even over 60 hours per week. Having long work hours and working
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How to Successfully Navigate a Workplace Romance

Love in the modern world can find you in some of the most unexpected places. However, if you think that finding your mate at the office is rare, you may need to think again. According to Approved Index, 65% of all workers report that they have had at least one romance in the workplace. Nearly half of those polled said they had participated in two or more relationships that started
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What you Should do if you Have Been Injured at Work

If you have been injured while at work there are some things you can do which could protect your legal rights. It’s likely that you will be able to claim workers’ compensation benefits if you have been injured in the workplace. Almost every lawyer is required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all of their employees. If you have suffered an injury in the workplace the information below
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Recruitment & Retention Tips for Business Professionals in 2019

These days, HR professionals and business executives have a lot to think about when it comes to effective recruitment and retention techniques. With a diverse workforce spanning generations, a rapidly globalizing world of business, no end to the various available applicant tracking systems, and a newfound need to automate recruitment and retention efforts efficiently, the hiring process has come a long way. While some may wish it was still possible
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Staying Productive at Work on Your Last Day of the Week

It comes as no surprise that our productivity at work tends to decline as Friday finally rolls around. With the long work week almost behind us and a weekend full of possibilities ahead, maintaining your focus and energy takes a lot of motivation. But if you can manage to give work the same attention on Friday as you do on Monday, not only will it make the coming work week
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Dating/Relationships: How To Balance Love and Work In A Marriage

Work (or school, in some cases) can be a real drain on your time and energy. It can be difficult to balance these responsibilities with your marriage. A good marriage does not happen by accident. So, how does one have both a successful career and a wonderful marriage? First and foremost, schedule time for each other. Especially when kids enter the picture, it is easy to let your roles as
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So, You’re Scared to Date a Single Mom?

As a 31-year-old woman raising a six-year-old daughter, I never thought I'd have the time to date nor did I really consider it. This belief has changed recently. Dating without a child in the picture is hard enough. When that gets thrown into the mix and advice the guy that "I have one child" it's likely that person won't want a serious relationship and will cut off all communication. Obviously dating a single mom is different than dating