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Jinder Mahal’s Win At Backlash Is WWE’s Risk Worth Taking

I’m not trying to steal my friend and fellow wrestling write Tom Clark’s thunder, but the move to put the WWE World Title around the waist of Jinder Mahal is what’s best for business. If WWE is going to usher in this New Era with pomp and circumstance, take chances along the way, the new Maharajah, as he calls himself, is the perfect storm for today’s company. While the IWC
Jinder Mahal - WWE
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WWE Backlash: Has Jinder Mahal Become Ivan Koloff?

In 1971, 11 months before I was born, the unthinkable happened. Ivan Koloff defeated Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship. The win ended Sammartino's seven and two-third years reign. While the “victory” shocked the business, it wasn’t long before Vince McMahon Sr. moved on from the “Russian Bear.” Koloff lost the championship 21 days later to Pedro Morales, essentially being used as a "transitional