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Tape-In Hair Extensions Pros – 6 Most Important Advantages

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Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on tape in hair extensions pros? Great, it means we didn’t write this article for nothing. We gathered all the important advantages of wearing tape-in extensions. Of course there are always disadvantages as well, but hey nothing is perfect in life. It is the same with all kinds of extensions such as tape-ins.

If you read this article already and would like to learn even more you check this beast that will teach you everything that you may want to learn about tape-ins such as why tape in extensions are the best extensions for thin hair.

If you are among those who want to learn the advantages of tape ins in the least possible time the very next paragraph will be enough for you, it is a simple list of pros. However, if you want to learn more about the whys, scroll down to the long version.

Tape in hair extensions pros (short version)

They are:

· very very comfortable

· virtually “invisible”

· totally reusable

· easier to install than other permanent types of hair extensions

· safe and don’t damage your hair

· the go-to choice if you have thin hair

Tape in hair extensions pros (long version)

Very very comfortable

You wear hair extensions to look and feel beautiful, but if wearing them is uncomfortable the whole experience is ruined. Wow it feels is why basically the most important thing after how an extension looks. If it isn’t comfortable you simply won’t enjoy it. Tape ins are a breeze. They are designed to be lightweight.

Do you know what most celebrities wear? You guessed it right: tape in extensions. They do it for the exact same reason you will as well, because of their great and unique comfort. They are so easy to wear, that one might even forget that they are wearing any extensions.

Virtually “invisible”

Wefts are integrated with a transparent tape on a thin area. The extensions are easy to install and will blend naturally with your own hair.

Totally reusable

What does it mean, you may ask? Simply, that you can remove and replace them any time. Whenever you feel like, you won’t have to worry about it. One thing only to pay attention to. Find a professional hairdresser. You can’t neglect this one detail. Any hairdresser won’t do. Find one that knows its trade, and known for being good at installing tape in extensions.

A lot easier to install than other permanent types of hair extensions

Not all hair extensions are created equal. Some are easier to install, some are extremely hard to deal with, even for a seasoned hairdresser. Tape ins might not be the easiest, they are not like clip in extensions that even you could install it for yourself, but they are still relatively simple compared to sew-ins or mic loop extensions.

The point is that you will still need help, but it will be fairly easy for everyone involved. A certified hair extensions specialist or a great hairdresser can get the job done. Look for reviews, they are a good source of information when you search.

Safe and don’t damage your hair

This one is a kind tricky one. Let’s be clear about this, hair extensions don’t damage your hair. It is a myth. There is no such thing as a hair extension could damage your hair.

Do you know who created this myth though? The hairdressers. They can and sometimes do manage to damage your hair. If you hairdresser makes a mistake, it can happen in certain cases.

The good news is that tape-ins are risk-free. They are designed in a way that even if your hairdresser is not the best, or simply makes a lot of mistake, she won’t be able to damage your hair.

The go-to choice if you have thin hair

Yes, if you have thin/fine hair your go-to solution will tape in hair extensions. This type is the absolute savior if you are face with this specific issue. You know why? Because this type was designed specifically to battle this problem. Other type of hair extensions may look a bit strange on you, but hey that’s why tape-ins have been created, to help you!


You know what? Tape in extensions are the best extensions… that’s what we think. Of course provided that your hairdresser did a good job. They can’t damage your hair, but they can still ruin your day. We cannot repeat it enough times. If you decide to go with tape-ins, find a hair extensions specialist (or a hairdresser with great reviews). You will be amazed with the results and send us a thank you letter.

Still, not only such hairdressers are hard to find, but good tape in extensions as well. It is a somewhat new design you might not find the color or length you are looking for if you go to a hair extensions shop. Perhaps, you will have more luck online.

We hope we helped you on your journey. If you want to know more we recommend you check out this great guide on tape-in hair extensions. This one covers everything there is to know about this type of extensions.

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