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Tech: The Galaxy Note 4 Is the Only Device You Need

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Notepad? Check. Crystal-clear screen? Super-smooth web browsing? Check. Maximized battery efficiency? Check. Multitask friendly? Check. Picture-perfect photos? Check.

The checklist goes on and on with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, the latest phablet that will prove to be the only device you need to accomplish all your daily social, business and personal goals.

The Main Features

Held together by a premium metal frame, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is stylish and sleek with fluid curvature for ultimate grip and comfort. The Note 4 will blow your mind with phenomenal visuals on a 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED display that boasts precise color saturation and extremely high resolution, making it the ideal phone for web browsing and e-booking.

If you enjoy an amazing viewing experience (who doesn’t?), this is the phone-tablet for you. Additionally, the amenities that come with this phone are unreal. The front-facing selfie-snapper houses 3.7MP lens and the back packs a 16MP Smart IOS camera, allowing users to shoot brighter, clearer images, even in the dark.

But enough about the exterior, let’s talk about what’s inside, the power packed within, the juicy stuff. What probably makes this arguably the best device out there is that it is the ultimate enabler for multitasking.

The multi-window functionality along with an advanced S Pen, allows for natural, free-flowing multitasking to take place in the lives of movers and shakers.

Efficiency calls for endurance as well, and this phone has the battery life to back it up. Its processor provides optimal performance without sacrificing battery life, and the supporting Adaptive Fast Charging technology lets you charge the phone 50% in 30 minutes, not to mention, the Ultra Power-Saving Mode is clutch as it helps maintain a 10% charge for 24 hours.

Intensify the Experience

A couple apps come highly recommended with a Note 4. Since you have the super sharp camera, crisp clear visuals and an accurate S pen, all you need is to download PicsArt – Photo Studio. This application pairs extremely well with the phablet, allowing you to adjust and edit images to your liking utilizing the S pen. And with the multitasking components, you can also share your artwork via multiple outlets.

Another application highlight available on the device is Photo Note. Make notes by taking photos with the app and it will instantly convert analog to digital where you can edit notes, change colors and include supplementing memos – perfect for work meetings.

How It Matches Up

In comparison to the new iPhone 6 Plus, the clear winner would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note overall is just a stronger gadget for the purposes of doing more in the most efficient manner. It runs on a 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 806 processor while the 6 Plus only runs on a 1.4Ghz Apple A8 dual-core processor.

And if you’re into sharper images, the Galaxy Note has the iPhone beat with a 1460 x 2560 pixel resolution versus 1080 x 1920. Last but very importantly, the phone cameras don’t even compare –the Note 4’s front and back camera megapixels are two times greater than the iPhone’s.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Note 4 is really the only device you need. And since you’ll probably be using this thing 24/7, you’ll need a mobile provider with an affordable data plan. T-Mobile is a go-to carrier because it offers options that include free 4G LTE to its customers and is contract-free.

Now you know, so it’s time to go! The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will change your life in more innovative ways than ever imagined.

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