If you want your business to develop ahead of schedule, you need to keep in steps with the times. This means that you should never stop looking for new ways of promoting your product.

The popularity of all types of mobile solutions gives a lot of new opportunities.

And one of them is using mobile messengers, which are all the rage now. They have a lot of benefits if compared to social media and allow effective promotion of business without spending much. Probably, the most efficient service is Telegram.

Read further to know how to use Telegram for business effectively and what the benefits of this app are.

Top-10 Benefits of Using Telegram for Business Enhancing

Well, how does Telegram work? Essentially, it is similar to any other messenger. But at the same time, it has unique feature that make is really special. Here are top-10 reasons why you need to opt for this platform.

  1. It costs you nothing unlike a standalone mobile app. As you know, an average cost to make professional app may be up to $50K. An unlimited number of free messages is a strong advantage of Telegram over other services. What is more, it is not just text content. Telegram gives a great opportunity of attaching graphic content, audio and even video to your free messages. Having all these tools at your disposal, you’ll find a lot of non-standard ways of your site promotion.
  2. Convenient segmentation of users. Segmentation is crucial for everyone who needs to work with groups of clients. In Telegram there’s no need to make groups of customers manually. Just sort out clients using a built-in filter and send out messages to targeted users. You can sort them according to their age, gender, region and even level of income.
  3. Free word-of-mouth opportunities. To make use of these opportunities you need to be sure that your clients are active users of Telegram. The mechanism is very simple: launch a campaign where your clients should make a selphie or a photo with your product and post it in the social media. Then users send you links to their posts via Telegram, and the most creative ideas are rewarded. Clients enjoy the contest and you get a free advertisement.
  4. Better customer support. Texting to the customer support service is more efficient than voice calls. The history is saved, which is convenient for both a client and an operator.
  5. Free ad. If you want to inform all your clients of the forthcoming event or a new campaign, Telegram is the best way to do it quickly and cheaply – with just one click.
  6. Quick response. Telegram is perfect for getting feedback from the clients. As a rule, people get annoyed when you call to them by phone and ask to assess the service. Emails often stay unnoticed. A modern messenger like Telegram is ideal for collecting people’s opinions.
  7. Safety. An incredible Telegram security is a feather in its cap. Its developers say that the system is 100% resistant to hacking. Your information is reliably protected.
  8. Huge coverage. As of today, Telegram is a cross-platform app. It is available on iOS, Android as well as for PC – Windows, Mac and Linux. Moreover, a web-version is also available.
  9. Stickers. This nice feature is not for entertainment only. You can develop your own stickers using your logos and give them to your clients. The latter will share them to their friends, thus promoting your brand. Of course, the stickers must be cool.
  10. Money remittances. Today this feature is available only in Russia and Brazil, but the developers claim it will soon be working everywhere in the world. A possibility of swift secure payments right inside the messenger opens new opportunities for your business.

Unique Features of Telegram that Make it Stand out

Though all modern messengers can seem similar, Telegram has some features that make it really unique.

● A secret chat. For any private conversations Telegram chat is the best solution. It uses a special double-layered encryption, which makes secret dialogues absolutely unreachable. The history is stored on users’ devices, not in servers, and can be deleted by the users themselves.

● A self-destruct system. An additional feature for the maximum protection is Telegram self-destruct It lets a user to set up a period, after which the message will be deleted completely.

● Cloud storage. Like any other cloud service, Telegram cloud storage is a convenient way of keeping information. Unlike storages offered by other companies, it is free. Isn’t it great?

● Telegram will never be sold or merged to other corporations. The developers claim that this platform is not for profit, and it can’t be sold. No corporation will ever get access to your data.

● The number of users is growing. Over 350 thousands people join Telegram daily. Just imagine how many new clients you can obtain for no money!

● A Telegram bot is a unique solution that helps to automate routine processes. Learn how to use it, and you’ll save a lot of time. More than that, you can create a customized bot (even if you are not a specialist!) and launch a fully automatized chat that will serve clients non-stop, 24/7.

When Telegram is not for You

Despite all its great features, there are cases, when Telegram doesn’t suit to your business. There are at least two situations where its implementing is senseless.

  1. Telegram is not used by your clients.
  2. It doesn’t comply with existing standards for your niche. For example, if you provide health & care services, your software should be HIPAA compliant.

To sum it up, Telegram is an incredibly cool instrument with a variety of great free features. If your target audience utilizes the platform, you must make use of it.

About the Author: Nataliia Kharchenko is a Technical Writer at Cleveroad. It is web and app development company in Ukraine that successfully implements various projects of any complexity. The main goal of the company is to provide clients with quality and exceptional software.

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