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Technology: Pros and Cons of Learning Applied Business Information System


September 15, 2020

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Have you considered a degree in applied business information system, are you familiar with that? The study program is quite popular recently since it is considered prospective enough. However, since it is also relatively new, not all people may know what the program is all about.

In the Business Information System, you can gain knowledge in the area of the information system, technology, and business with balanced portions.

The students are prepared to be technopreneurs. Technopreneurs themselves are new terms since they are related to the technology that is indeed developed very rapidly currently. So, they are focused to have professional skills to solve business problems by utilizing information system technology.

Most of the graduates are expected to create and manage their startups although it is okay for them to work in other technology companies.


Why should you choose this study program?

You must know that we just enter the digital and technology era. You can just take a look around. it looks like today’s people cannot simply live without their smartphones or other gadgets like laptops or tablets. It is reasonable since their lifestyle is highly supported by those gadgets. the phenomenon leads people to be entrepreneurs or conduct businesses with technology skills and abilities. Technology and information systems are currently very essential in every area that is related to businesses including marketing, accounting, and more.

Additionally, information and technology themselves are prospective opportunities for the business itself. It is seen from many new jobs growing up recently like website designers, startup developers, YouTubers, and many more.

Sure, without skills and knowledge in technology and information systems, they cannot compete with others well.


What are the benefits of choosing the study program?

Believe it or not, there are many benefits to get by the students or graduates of the Applied Business Information System Study Program. First of all, the career prospects are very promising. Moreover, it is by seeing how rapid the development of technology is currently.

In the future, it is predicted that technology like gadgets and startups are getting more and more developed. That’s why; it is still a good choice to choose the study program now.

Second, experts in the information system are widely needed by companies as bridges between programmers and users in establishing a system. Well, it is even not only in companies. Many organizations, departments, and institutions need graduates of the Applied Business Information System Study Program.

Third, just like the name of the study program itself, it is the applied business information system. Therefore, the goals are mainly to let students and graduates apply their knowledge well. The courses given during your study time are very applicable. It helps you more in gaining more experience. In the working environment also, it will be easier for you to adapt.

Fourth, applying the business information system also means that graduates are prepared with skills related to information and technology. For example, it is designing websites, creating startups, developing applications. Those skills are very important for businesses and companies nowadays particularly to communicate with their customers or clients. That’s why; the employment opportunities tend to open very widely for you.

Fifth, are you just bored to be an employee? That’s not bad. Even our world today needs more entrepreneurs to open more employment. So, you can use your skills to open your own company or business. For example, you can establish a business for website design and startup service. Starting from yourself as the creators, later, you can open a vacancy to let other talented people join.

Lastly, as the graduates of the bachelor’s degree of Applied Business Information System, sure, you also have a chance to continue your study to a higher level. Currently, many universities have opened master programs for Applied Business Information Systems. You can take it if you want to deepen your knowledge.

How are the lectures and courses of the study program?

The applied business information system is still in the same category as the computer science and technical information engineering study program. However, in the applied business information, you will learn more about connecting business and technology. You will learn about how to create a system by processing big data faster and then displaying it into more necessary information.

Some courses to follow during the study are Data Communication Network, Analysis and Design of Information System, Information and Technology Management Services, Information and Technology Infrastructure Management, Administration System, Information Security Devices, and many more.

If you want to continue your study to a higher level, there are so many prestigious colleges that provide linear master degrees. Aside from the Master of Applied Business Information System, some other programs to take are Information System Planning and Development, E-Business, Enterprise System, Business and Management, and more.


What are the prospects and job opportunities for graduates of the program?

By emphasizing the skills of business and management, the graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Business Information System are very suitable to take the IT position in a company. the skills to combine business and programming are often a problem for a programmer that is more focused on technical aspects like the graduates of Technical Information and Computer Science.

Interestingly, it is possible also for graduates to apply for a position as a manager, a consultant, an IT professional, a project manager, a system programmer, a system administrator, a security administrator, and more. Sure, if you prefer continuing your study to a higher level, it is also possible for you to take academic positions like to be a lecturer in the college.

Not to forget, this study program also gives you high chances to be an entrepreneur. Of course, you have gained two main important skills that an entrepreneur, or in this case, a technopreneur must-have. They are skills in information technology and business and management.


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