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Tennessee Titans Defensive Preview
Tennessee Titans Defense
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Tennessee Titans: Defensive Preview – Are they a Division Champion?

The Tennessee Titans defense last year was just like their offense, amazing against the opposing rusher, once again ranking in the Top 5. Yet when it comes to opposing passers, they ranked 30th. So what did the Titans do to fix this issue? They drafted an all-star corner and a late sleeper of a linebacker to help that 3-4 defense in zone coverage.

The Titans consistently and continually burned by numerous receivers last year and were unable to find a solid scheme to help them on the deep end. While the Titans did not panic, they also did not miss taking one of the best corners in the draft, Adoree’ Jackson, who comes from The University of South California, and ran a 4.42 in the NFL Combine. Jackson provides a strength in this scarce secondary, yet in my opinion, the Titans should not stop there and should make a phone call to the agent of Darrelle Revis, to help bring more solidarity to the secondary. This will also help with size, since Adoree’ is 5’10, going against potential receivers of 6’3+.

While the front seven of the Titans were phenomenal, the Titans were looking to fill hole right beside Avery Williams and Brian Orakpo, which they filled in the fifth round, drafting Jayon Brown. Brown earned some quality time once Myles Jack was injured, and is looking to be the heavy hitter in between the two veteran linebackers. Brown is also very quick on his feet, so he will be able to help pick up the right end or running back that runs out of the flat or across the middle. Jaylon Brown has some big shoes to fill, making sure he can clog up the middle during the run game, and shut down the middle of the field when the quarterback drops back.

The Tennessee Titans defense has the chance of being a Top 10 defense in the league. To do this the Titans must make sure their players stick to their assignments and avoid giving up the big play. However, the Titans defense is also going to need a lot of help from the offense. The offense needs to keep the ball longer and give the younger defense time to adjust and make mental notes. This will also give the older players a chance to get their wind back, to ensure this defense will be dominant. The Tennessee Titans did a great job of addressing all of their issues on defense and has the chance of being the difference maker in their games this season.

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