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Marcus Mariota - Quarterback, Tennessee Titans
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Tennessee Titans: Offensive Player Spotlight – Marcus Mariota

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The offensive spotlight for an offense that relies so heavily on how dominant the run game actually is,  does not go to either running back. While Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry need to be the production horses of the Tennessee Titans offense to ensure success, the spotlight is actually on Marcus Mariota. Marcus Mariota was having a very successful year last year, not committing too many costly turnovers, keeping them in games, and not allowing the sophomore slump to get him, until he breaks his leg. They destroyed all hope once the injury happened to Mariota, because with all the weapons around him on the offense, without a dual threat and accurate quarterback, none of it mattered.

Therefore, what the Tennessee Titans decided to do this year was keep the offense the same. However, the Titans gave Mariota THREE MORE wide receivers to help open up the field. This should also relieve some of the pressure from Delanie Walker and the entire backfield.

Before Mariota would run a majority of play action passes, which would typically leave Walker wide open in the middle of the field. Doing this multiple times, the defense eventually catches on forcing turnovers or a change in scheme. Yet the reason why the Titans ran this play so often is that Walker was their primary receiver. He had no other help from the wide receiving corps.

Therefore, during the NFL Draft and Free Agency Frenzy, the Tennessee Titans made some major changes. In the first three rounds, the Titans drafted three players, one corner back, and two receivers, Taywan Taylor and Corey Davis. Corey Davis looking to take the No. 1 receiver role while Taylor was looking at the No. 2 until the front office decided to bring a veteran leader in the locker room and signed Eric Decker. With the wide receiver core looking like this:

No. 1 Corey Davis

No. 2 Erick Decker

Slot Taywan Taylor

TE – Delanie Walker

RB – Demarco Murray

Marcus Mariota honestly has everything he needs to lead this team to their first playoff berth since 2008. Mariota will have to trust himself and make sure that he does not push his limits. After all, he is coming back from a broken leg. Mariota, I believe, has the best-case scenario, having a team believe in him, see his faults and work around them, and help put great players around him. This will allow the Titans to make a playoff run. This is why Marcus Mariota is the offensive spotlight for The Tennessee Titans.

Editor’s Note: This article can also be seen in our upcoming NFL Preview Edition.

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