Renting property is filled with issues on both ends. There are risks involved in renting your property, as well as being a tenant. That’s why there are laws, rules, and regulations in place for the protection of the property owner and the person renting it. Consulting Los Angeles business attorneys will provide you with the most relevant, accurate, and in-depth information about these laws. One such regulation is the notice required before terminating a monthly tenancy.

Notice requirements for landlords

The exact requirements and details that you have to follow can vary dramatically depending on your state and other area-related factors. In California, however, the landlord has to give a notice with at least thirty days of leadup time between the notice and the moving out date. This time period is doubled to sixty days if the rental has been going on for more than one year.

This notice is only for the date. There are no laws or regulations forcing landlords to disclose the reasoning behind their decision to kick a tenant out. The only exception being the rent-regulated communities. One thing to keep in mind is that, although the landlord doesn’t have to disclose their reasoning, it still matters to some extent. This is because a kick out based on discrimination or retaliation is completely illegal and can land the property owner in hot waters.

The last thing to understand is that this notice isn’t set in stone. Landlords can and will shorten the days on the notice under certain circumstances. For example, if the tenant is refusing to or failing to pay rent, is involved in drugs or other such illegal activities, or is actively violating the terms and conditions of your contract. You can get a better understanding of these exceptions by consulting Los Angeles Business Attorneys Nakase Wade.

Notice requirements for tenants

The notice requirements aren’t just for the landlord either. Abrupt termination of tenancy can leave the property unrented for quite some time and cost the property owner substantial amounts of money. That’s why tenants are also required to give a notice of at least thirty days before leaving. This gives the landlord ample time to advertise and look for new tenants. Giving a smaller notice window or just leaving immediately is also possible but only under certain circumstances regarding the rental contract violations.


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