Best Cbd E Liquid In The Uk

CBD e-liquids, similar to CBD vape oils are cannabis oils that you can vape to get the medicinal effects of cannabis. Known for its healing properties, cannabis can be consumed in many ways such as eating, drinking, smoking and vaping. 

Of all options for ingestion, vaping is certainly one of the most effective methods of consuming cannabis for its therapeutic effects. 

At present, there are two main types of CBD oils that you can vape – CBD Vape Oils and CBD E-Liquids. We’ll be focusing on CBD e-liquids in this post so as to help you get familiar with them and how they differ from ordinary e-liquids as well as CBD vape oils. So let’s get to it.

What is the difference between CBD e-liquids and CBD vape oils?

Like I mentioned above, both are different types of CBD oils that are made specifically for vaping. The major difference between them lies in their CBD or cannabis strength and the base liquid used. 

CBD Vape oils are high strength CBD oils with about 55-65% of CBD concentration. They are pure hemp extracts mixed with natural terpenes for flavouring without anything else, making them the strongest cannabis vape oils here in the UK.

CBD E-liquids in the UK consist of about 5-10% CBD content making them perfect for if you want to lightly vape throughout the day as you would with any other flavoured or non-CBD e-liquid. Made by mixing pure hemp extracts along with natural terpenes for flavouring, the composition of CBD e-liquids is pretty much the same as of CBD vape oils except that they are further diluted down by a carrier oil such as PG or VG to weaken their intensity. 

This also makes CBD e-liquids a good option for those who love to vape more often but do not fancy getting a strong hit of CBD each time. 

Is a CBD e liquid the same as a marijuana e liquid in the UK? 

The UK does not allow the selling of any cannabis product with too much THC (the main compound that makes you feel the “high”). Thus, hemp is used which is rich in CBD with negligible amounts of THC instead of marijuana which contains more THC than is allowed here in the UK. It’s for this reason alone that CBD e-liquids are not the same as marijuana e-liquids in the UK and the brand is probably misleading you if they say so. Some CBD e liquids are also labelled as weed flavoured e liquids in the UK again I’d check to ensure that they are 1) hemp derived and 2) actually contain CBD as they could just be flavoured by terpenes from weed, but not actually contain any hemp. 

What are the best CBD e liquids in the UK? 

The best CBD e-liquids in the UK usually come in a 510 thread cartridge that are compatible with most standard size vape pens. Just screw the vape cartridge onto your vaping device, and you’re good to go.

They also tend to be only up to 10% CBD content because anything more than that may not give you the desired result. So make sure to check the ingredients and CBD content before you buy any CBD e-liquid in the UK.

Also look for brands that use natural terpenes derived from some of the best cannabis strains so as to give you an authentic and delicious vaping experience. Examples of some good strains to look for would be Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel or Pineapple Express. 

As with any product in life do a bit of research and read the packaging to ensure you are getting the best CBD e liquid in the UK. For example, make sure they are lab tested and made in line with good manufacturing practices so that they are safe to consume. 

Share some of your favourite CBD E liquid brands in the comments below! 

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