There are numerous articles, listicles, and advice online as to what to look for in a building contractor. This article provides a summary of the top five proven essentials to look for before you select a building contractor. Keep in mind that these professionals will likely need to be in your space and around loved ones, pets, and treasured possessions. You need to be very careful and precise in your selection.

·      Previous good works and recommendations

Never has it been easier to check up on or verify a possible contractor’s track record or experience. The internet is awash with online reviews, previous customer recommendations, and product and service chat rooms geared to the construction and building industry and its various sectors. This must be the first port of call for all those looking for professional contractors and building professionals. There are a number of unscrupulous contractors out there, so be sure to avoid any scams.

·      Clear statement of their process and materials used

There is no greater risk than entering into an agreement with a contractor or building firm without a clear understanding of their expected process and the materials that they intend to use. A great example is the Apex Fence Company who goes into great detail as to the materials available and their origins as well as their expected installation and work process. It’s a great way to start, knowing what to expect and what’s install during your construction process.

·      Registrations and recognition

As you look for the right contractors, you need to look for their industry registration, accreditations, and any awards that they may have won. Be sure to check that these are all independently verified and that the registration organizations actually exist as stated.

·      Longevity in the sector

Knowing how long the contractor has been in the field or sector is key to deciding to hire. Fly by night contractors or cowboy builders generally don’t have a lengthy resume and won’t stay in the industry for long. So, unless they are newcomers to the sector or industry, they should have a record and reputation in the sector. Make sure it is a good one before you contract them.

·      Free quotes and advice

Finding a contractor doesn’t always have to end in a contract or a lengthy engagement. There are those professionals out there who will provide a free quote as well as relevant advice and suggestions for solutions. It is argued that these are the most reliable and trustworthy of contractors. Those that will come out provide a quotation and perhaps even decline the works and advise the best way forward, even recommending those who can do a better job than them and may have more experience.

These are the things to look out for, but you must be crystal clear as to what you need from the outset. It’s always risky to get a contractor in and give them carte blanche as you could end up with their dream renovations and changes rather than something that you actually want and need.



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