The mystery is the genre that has always invoked excitement and thrill. The crime scenes and the aroma of the puzzle that follows are things that make one stand on the heels. It can highly interest you and make your fingers crossed.

The exciting plot of the crime, the subsequent investigation, and the final surprising climax that gives the punch to the story is what makes a crime thriller fantastic. Amazon prime is a platform that has been successful in bringing out some of the best crime thrillers to a broader audience. The best of all times that has been published yet are listed and detailed below.

The A.B.C. Murders

This was the series that was adapted from Agatha Christie’s mystery novel. The protagonist is a detective named Hercule Poirot that is played by John Malkovich. Someone is threatening him to murder by sending letters in the name with initials “A.B.C.” 


With a fresh theme that challenged all the conventions, Bosch was able to amuse the audience. Though not many liked the new concepts, the film could hold a big audience in its fingertips, thereby making the show a big box office hit. The plot is the murder of a young boy, and every episode ends on a suspense note that the audience will be wanting to watch the next chapter eagerly.

Carnival Row

It is an urban fantasy where the smell of mystery burns throughout. The setting is a world of fairies fighting with a world of humans. The story portrays a serial killer, and this adds to the thrill of the story. To get updates on the much-awaited Carnival row season 2.

Detective Anna

This is a television show that came up with an exciting plot where the protagonist is a girl who has the power to communicate with the dead people. She utilizes this opportunity to investigate and solve cases. This power comes to her in the form of visions and dreams. She helps the local police to resolve the unsettled instances.

The Expanse

This is a series where the protagonist is a detective. The magic of the story makes the people sit down to watch more of it. Amazon prime has brought out only two series, and the remaining ones can be rented out if required.


The story thrills the viewer and forces his/her senses to the essence of the story. The story showcases an innocent man who has been accused of a murder crime about fourteen years ago. The protagonist is a lawyer named Emma Banville, who stands up for human rights. Helen McCrory plays the role of the lawyer. She has successfully brought out the real essence of the character, which includes her thoughts, feelings, and actions. The question of has he committed the murder or not roams around the viewer’s brain throughout the show, and it makes him/her confused. The courage and the determination of the lawyer to travel any extent to find the truth gets her into tough situations, though she hesitates to fail.


The series portrays a lovable child played by Stanley Tucci. AS each episode progress, you can’t help yourself but feel yourself feeling love for the adorable child. The series is so exciting that you can contact your mind forcing your senses to watch more of the episodes in a single sitting.


The story enthralls the audience like no other. The storyline’s dimensions give scope for a multitude of new storylines that can be developed for the subsequent series. That vast is the extent of storytelling in this series.

Concluding note

Amazon has always brought some exciting crime thrillers to the audience. The best of them are listed in the above excerpts. If you are a mystery-lover, pick out those from the list that you haven’t watched yet and rush to get it.


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