There are many reasons to travel to new, exciting destinations around the world, from sampling local cuisine to exploring the landmarks and architecture. But what often gets forgotten about is the sporting events that many countries have to enjoy. These are some of the best-loved sporting events around the world every sports fan should attend at least once.

US Masters Tournament – Golf

The Masters is the first of four US Major golf tournaments that take place each year and it is the only one which takes place in the same location every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Florida. This is one of the most highly-anticipated golf events of the year, so tickets to the US Masters are incredibly hard to come by.

Wimbledon Championship – Tennis

Wimbledon is the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and takes place in London in late June and early July. It’s also the only major tennis tournament that is played on an outdoor grass court. Wimbledon is synonymous with British culture and has its own quirks and rules, such as the dress code and the traditional of strawberries and cream and Pimms, making it a unique event that everyone should experience at least once.

Royal Ascot – Horse Racing

Royal Ascot is a key event in the horse racing calendar and takes place just six miles from Windsor Castle. More than 300,000 people attend this event each year, along with the Royal family, and is well-known for the racing, as well as the prestige and style. Even people who aren’t normally a fan of racing watch Royal Ascot – it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and take a bet on the exhilarating races.

Monaco Grand Prix – Motor Racing

A combination of the glamourous Cote d’Azur location, the heritage and history of this event and the complex nature of the track itself make the Monaco Grand Prix one of the best-loved motor sport events. Because of the layout of the course, there are plenty of opportunities to view the races.

Hawaiian Triple Crown – Surfing

If you’re planning a trip to the sun-kissed North Shore of Oahu, the Triple Crown should be on your list of things to do. This event is actually comprised of three separate events for each men and women, with each taking place at a different spot along the North Shore. For professional surfers, this competition is one of the most challenging and rewarding in the world – not to mention being located in one of the most spectacular locations.

Tour de France – Cycling

The Tour de France is held in July each year and although the route changes annually, the format of this prestigious cycling race stays the same. It comprises between 20 and 22 teams of riders who spend 23 days battling it out on the roads of the Alps and the Pyrenees, ending at the Champs Elysees in Paris. It’s an exciting competition and a must for cycling fans.

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