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Tips to Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam Easily – Are Exam-Labs Braindumps Useful?

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When it comes to the virtualization technologies, VMware is seen as the leading company. One of its main proprietary products is vSp here. With this software, it is possible to perform server virtualization which allows to connect, secure, run, and manage applications in a unified cloud environment.

Alongside developing virtualization software, VMware also has a certification program that validates professionals’ skills to handle VMware products and technologies. This program offers credentials at different levels to accommodate all professionals, regardless of whether they are just starting to use VMware technology or already have some experience.

The certifications offered by VMware follow different paths dedicated to different spheres and technologies. These paths are listed below:

· Desktop and mobility

· Cloud management and automation

· Network virtualization

· Data center virtualization

· Digital business transformation

· Digital workspace

For these paths named above, one can find certifications at the following levels:

· VMware Certified Associate

VCA is a beginner-level certification designed not only for newbie’s but also for executives that decide on VMware solutions in their organizations. Certifications at this level only require passing a single associated exam.

· VMware Certified Professional

VCP certifications are targeted at professionals who perform tasks such as installing, configuring, managing, and optimizing VMware solutions. These professionals include administrators and engineers. If you don’t possess the required prerequisites (which include various VCP certifications), then to get VCP certified, you must take a training course and pass one foundation exam and one professional exam.

· VMware Certified Advanced Professional

This level contains VCAP Design for designers and VCAP Deployment for those that manage and optimize VMware solutions. This certification will suit architects, engineers, and administrators. Candidates who wish to obtain VCAP certifications usually need to earn the required VCP certification, attend one of the training courses, and then pass one professional exam.

· VMware Certified Design Expert

This is the topmost VMware credential that is targeted at architects. They are tasked with designing, building, and managing VMware systems. Acquiring this certification requires one to obtain a certain VCP certification, earn a required badge, design an application based on the offered blueprint, and defend the application design against the commission.

Why Get VMware Certified?

· Greater opportunities for career advancement

VMware certifications will open many doors for you in the virtualization sphere. More job opportunities will be available for you since employers give first priority to individuals with certifications.

· Global recognition

VMware is a company that is globally accepted as a leader in virtualization software. Obtaining its certifications, therefore, allows you an opportunity to work anywhere in the world. This is an advantage if you are considering working in another country.

· Better salary

VMware certifications allow you to receive a significant salary increase. Most organizations prefer to hire certified professionals and they also pay them higher salaries. With VMware certifications, you will quickly get the promotion you are aiming for. This, of course, will affect the salary in a positive way.

· Discounts to VMware events

VMware holds events dedicated to the launch of new technological advancements or updates. Competent IT professionals would always want to attend such events in order to keep abreast of new technologies. When you have the VMware certification, you will be given a discount on registration for participation in the events.


When we outlined the certification levels earlier above, you saw that all the levels are associated with certain qualification exams. While there are various tests one can take depending on the path chosen, further in this article, we will focus on 2V0-622 exam, which is included in professional-level certifications. Here you will learn more about this test and the certifications associated with it. There are also some tips that will help you succeed in this exam.

2V0-622 Exam

2V0-622 test validates the individual’s skills required to scale, manage, deploy, and install vSphere 6.5 environments. The exam is offered in the English and Japanese language. 2V0-622 is a proctored exam which lasts for 105 minutes and has 70 questions. The questions can be single and multiple choice. To pass, you have to score 300 marks out of 500 possible.

This exam is suitable for professionals that have worked with a vSphere implementation for at least six months. They should also have at least one-year experience in the IT industry. Candidates must possess the basic knowledge needed to optimize, secure, and troubleshoot the components of the implementation.


Associated Certification

2V0-622 exam is included in the following certifications:

· VCP-DCV 2019

· VCP6.5-DCV

Areas covered in 2V0-622 exam

Candidates who wish to take this test should have knowledge in the following areas:

· Configuring and administering vSphere 6.x security

· Configuring and administering vSphere 6.x networking

· Configuring and administering vSphere 6.x storage

· Upgrading vSphere deployment to 6.x

· Administering and managing vSphere 6.x resources

· Backing up and recovering a vSphere deployment

· Troubleshooting a vSphere deployment

· Deploying and customizing ESXi hosts

· Configuring and administering availability solutions forvCenter and vSphere

· Administering and managing vSphere virtual machines

Preparation tips

The following are some methods you can use to get ready for your 2V0-622 exam:

· Take a training course

You can enroll in the VMware certification exam preparation course for 2V0-622 to help you sharpen your knowledge required to pass this exam.

· Take a practice test

Taking an official VMware practice test before the real exam is an excellent way to get familiar with 2V0-622 exam and know what to expect.

· Join a VMware community

VMware has an online community for exam candidates. Here you can find valuable information from other professionals and exam takers.

· Use exam dumps

Dumps are a collection of exam questions and answers that help you get ready for 2V0-622 exam. Many recent exam takers agree that using dumps is the most effective way to sharpen your knowledge and skills. However, this is only true when the dumps you use are valid and up to date. That is why we recommend Exam-Labs. At the Exam-Labs website, you will find quality dumps for 2V0-622 exam that will help you prepare properly and pass with high marks.


VMware certifications are designed for professionals of all levels. Therefore, everyone has a chance to either start or grow their career. By using the advice given here, you will be able to ace your VMware tests easily! Be sure to visit Exam-Labs for quality dumps, video lectures, and other preparation materials. Success!

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