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The Best T-Mobile Plans for Seniors

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As a senior, it may get quite frustrating going through the world of smartphones and the Internet. So much that, all you want is to get a flip-phone to call and text. But there are lots of reasons to use a smartphone as a senior. You can do fun things on the Internet, video chats with your grandkids, post content on social media, and even play games. The list is endless; you can decide to be as tech-savvy as you want to be. It is totally fun to be on the Internet.

To continue doing all that and more, a mobile plan is essential. Everyone gets the headache of choosing a good mobile plan. You want to be sure you are getting the best offer for your money, so you spend hours going through numerous plans. You don’t have to go through that stress any longer. This article will go through features of the new T-Mobile plans for seniors. These plans are some of the best deals on mobile plans for seniors available in the market at the moment.

To qualify to use any of these plans, you have to be 55 years and above. The plans were made exclusively for seniors. The plans are the Essential Unlimited 55, the Magenta Unlimited 55, and the Magenta plus Unlimited 55 plan. Each of the plans offers unique features to cover various needs. The Essential Unlimited is the basic plan with the lowest rate and offers lesser features, while the Magenta plus Unlimited 55 plan offers the most features for more money. With the Essential Unlimited plan, you can only text aboard without any provision for browsing.  If you plan to do a lot of traveling, it may not be the best plan for you.

Both the Magenta Unlimited 55 and the Magenta plus Unlimited 55 plans offer both data and texting features aboard. The speed of browsing for Magenta Unlimited 55 abroad is considerably slower aboard. All extra taxes and fees are added to the Magenta Unlimited plans. For the Essential Unlimited plan, however, you will have to pay all taxes and extra fees by yourself. This is another thing to consider when choosing between the two plans. If you aim to save some money then you should add taxes to Essential Unlimited 55 before choosing between the two plans.

Whichever plan you choose between these plans, you are still saving some money as compared to the similar plans for people under 55. After saving some money, you are still entitled to all the extra benefits that come with using T–Mobile such as the T–Mobile’s Tuesday giveaways. The plans are un-contract meaning that there is a guarantee that the price you are paying will not change unless you want it. No charging of extra fees after payment.

The T–Mobile plans for seniors are very cost-effective; they fair reasonably against their competitors in the market. If you are looking to choose a good mobile plan with lesser rates as a senior, you should consider these plans.

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