Meet The Eternal Fit by Genieously, a solution-oriented eternity band that’s a crossover between tech and jewelry, designed to fit perfectly on your finger, regardless of life events that may increase or decrease its size. Weight gain, weight loss, hormonal fluctuations, alcohol, salty meals, high humidity, arthritis, injured fingers or pregnancy are no longer an obstacle and the patented sizing technique allows each ring to naturally expand and contract and smoothly situate itself on the finger. The unique ring-to-spring technology grows and shrinks, implementing durability without sacrificing the fine and exclusive feel.

Dynamic duo founders combined their experience in the jewelry (Avi) and tech (Jesse) fields to eliminate sizing issues with eternity bands, guaranteeing a lifetime fit. The “market changing” technology boasts various styles including diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, with both high-end and affordable options.

Jesse says, “When shopping for an eternity band, sizing can be very inconsistent and causes a lot of stress and heartache. Over the course of time, finger sizing can fluctuate, leaving eternity bands behind. We have completely solved both of these issues, providing a product that is sure to fit perfectly from the time you buy it, until the end of time.”

The rings range in 2.5 full sizes, meaning if you are a size 5, the range would cover from sizes 4 – 6.5, providing ample room for fluctuation. Please find more information below.

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