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The Good Wife: 7 years, one Episode, complete Disappointment

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What a waste. What a waste of some of the best acting, directing and writing for a TV show.

After 7 seasons we were left with just as any questions as we did when Lost and The Sopranos went off the air. I came in about 2 years ago and had to do a quick binge watch after I saw a post on Facebook stating how great of a show this was.

I hate lawyers, but I was hooked from the beginning.

If you are a fan, if you’re reading this then you are so there is no need for me to go from Season 1 to the last episode but I will touch on a few things that bothered me.

Did Peter do it? Hell yeah he did it. He was about as crooked as crooked politicians goes. He did his friend a favor and in the end it came and bit him on the butt. But luckily for him his wife is one of the best attorneys in Chicago and he got off with a slap on the wrist.

The kids were not real factors in the last season as Grace was seen periodically through the season helping her mother in the beginning hold down her at-home law firm and Zack was off in college doing lord knows what until he returned home with an older woman saying he wanted to leave school. By the end of his farewell episode we found out that his parents no longer had a grip on his well-being as he just vanished into thin air.

All season I figured we were being led to some big explosion of sorts for the finale. Peter on trail, Diane wanting to have an all female led firm, Cary having a breakdown and a new romance between Alicia and Jason. But by the end of the episode only one thing was really clear, Peter got off.

Cary looked to be on his way to maybe being a professor or professional speaker, there was never any news about the female law firm as they built that up much of the later part of the season and we just watched as it faded into the wind. The relationship between Alicia and Jason seemed to be a mirage in the end.

For 7 years I saw some of the best writing on television only to see it crumble in 45 minutes. I know that writers love to leave watchers guessing but a finale should not be left as a May sweeps cliffhanger as the Good Wife was.

Does Alicia become the new Governor? Did she and Peter finally get a divorce? Does she still have a job with the law firm? Did an ex-husband finally get a hold of David Lee and strangle him? What happened to the sexy Lucca? After leaving Peter, losing Will and then finding Jason where does Alicia stand with love?

The best part about the finale was the “smack heard around the world” as Diane let Alicia have it after putting her husband on the stand and from what we can tell, admitting to having an affair before Diane walked out of the courtroom. Yes, Alicia had that coming to her but Diane had that moment headed her way as well. Both women were equally selfish this season and needed to be knocked down off their high horse and what better way than to have them do it to each other.

All-in-all I will miss the show but after watching the finale I wish I had missed the ending.

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