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The ISIS Deception: Have We All Been Fooled By The Western Media?

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Earlier this month, the United Nations confirmed that ISIS aka the Islamic State (IS), used biological WMD’s against the Kurdish Peshmerga in Northern Iraq.

Earlier accusations say that IS used mustard gas against the citizens of Aleppo in Northern Syria across from the Turkish border. It would seem that this would be major headlines news in light of the fact that some of the pollutants might have crossed into the Turkish border and Turkey is our ally in NATO.

The White House said that it is likely possible that ISIS used mustard gas in their attacks against innocent civilians. Even though this is the case, the White House has no intentions of escalating conflict with ISIS, they were content with the current airstrikes. The White House has no intentions of putting boots on the ground.

This is interesting in light of the fact that during my two-plus years in Tunisia, I kept hearing about this group named Dawla, or Daa’ish, the Arab names for ISIS. Most of what was heard was not for support but instead how Daa’ish was created by different intelligent agencies. The purpose of Daa’ish’s creation was not to just overthrow Bashar al Assad, the Syrian president, but to help Saudis establish a caliphate and Israel to expand their land grab into Egypt, The Golan Heights, Syria, and Iraq; while at the same time destroying Arab history and cultural relics.

It is widely believed amongst Arabs from the Maghreb, that the Saudi royal family is not from the Koresh like they claim but instead are from Banu Karayzah, the Jewish tribe from Mecca that was banished by the Prophet Muhammad.

During the summer of 2014, I remember sitting and speaking with Tunisian friends about how Daa’ish had their own weapons manufacturing plants and military grade satellite phones. My Tunisian friends said that it is impossible for Daa’ish to have these kinds of abilities without the help of outside forces.

When Daa’ish took over 3 cities within a week, it was widely known amongst Tunisian military personnel that it would be impossible for Daa’ish to be able to have such a successful operation without satellite imagery. Someone had to have helped Daa’ish by giving them satellite imagery.

Tunisian news interviewed a jihadi when he returned to Tunisia and in the interview he said that in the upper-level meetings for ISIS, they would meet with people from the intelligence agencies of the USA, Israel, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, and Turkey.

A Tunisian congressman from Djerba had returned from a trip to Syria and other locations. He is a Jewish Tunisian, he produced video of ISIS fighters being cared for by the Israeli medical facilities in the Golan Heights. Al Jazeera also aired an interview in Arabic of ISIS Jihadis in Israeli hospitals saying that the Israeli people are much better than the Arabs who oppose them, whom they label as their enemies.

Also multiple French newspapers published that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is actually in fact Elliot Simon, an Israeli Mossad agent. This is interesting in light of the fact that there are pictures of US Senator John McCain with al-Baghdadi and voicing his support for ISIS.

In July of 2015, multiple Arab news sources claimed that the US military stood by and watched while ISIS took over more cities in Iraq. Also there is multiple Arab news sources showing US and British airdrops that were ‘supposed’ to be food and humanitarian supplies for the Kurds but instead were full of weapons and dropped off to ISIS.

Other Arab news sources have stated that ISIS militants were arrested and that they were wearing crosses. This is due to them being mercenaries or foreigners creating false flag attacks.

So what is it? Is ISIS a fabricated organization which will allow for Saudi Arabia and Israel to be successful in their nefarious plans? Is the US complacent in all of this? I am not certain, but I am certain of the arming of the FSA to fight against the Assad regime. It is possible that FSA did truly split up and the foreigners who were originally helping the FSA decided to take this opportunity to form a caliphate.

I am not saying that all of the fighters in ISIS are mercenaries bent on creating false flag attacks. I know that this is not true in light of the fact that people were recruiting ISIS fighters in Tunisia while I was there. I do believe that the movement was created and is currently steered by foreign influences and the people that are joining them either know nothing about Islam; are tricked into joining; or believe that it is a way to fight the people whom they believe humiliated the Arabs.

ISIS did not start showing aggressive expansion until after Pres. Obama made a red line on using WMDs that if crossed would force American military action. The line was crossed and nothing was done. I was in the Arab world when Obama did not respond and I can tell you that the Arabs would call him a ta’han, which means ‘not a man’. They said he was scared of Assad and Putin. This allowed a situation where people were less fearful of American military might because for the first time it appeared that we bowed down. Not once but twice within the period of a few months.

Every day that passes is a day that ISIS grows in strength and influence. The more that the USA does not put boots on the ground the more power ISIS gain. There is a plan to expand ISIS even further. They want to reclaim any part of the world that was ever under Islamic rule and place it back under their control.

ISIS is openly looking to obtain nuclear weapons and would not hesitate to use as weapon such as a briefcase nuke. It is shameful for me as an American to have an inept White House administration that appears weak when in fact it seems that they want ISIS to expand. America and Americans should never be shown to appear weak, but due to a weak leader, we do. I am an American Muslim and I believe ISIS must be stopped.

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