Spring is my favourite season.  There is something about it that is bursting with possibility and new beginnings.  It almost feels like Mother Nature gives you a prep season so by the time Summer arrives you can sit back and enjoy all the hard work you put in during Spring.

Refreshing and revamping your home is the perfect way to kick off Spring.  This doesn’t need to be an expensive renovation or remodel.  A few simple, effective methods to refreshing your home will make all the difference.  Read on for 6 top tips on preparing your home for the Spring.

1)    Window Treatments

One aspect of home decor that often gets pushed down the priority list are window treatments. Blinds not only provide much needed protection from the harsh sunlight, they can also be a style focal point in any room. With Spring just around the corner, it is a great excuse to take a look at what you have and begin shopping for something that will highlight your windows.

2)    Window Cleaning

Whilst you are deciding on which blinds suit your needs, take some time to give your windows a good cleaning.  After a long winter of harsh weather outside and a lot of fires and heating inside, your windows will be in serious need of an interior and exterior cleaning.  Each spring, I am delightfully surprised after I have my windows cleaned because I didn’t even know how dirty they were!

3)    Spring Cleaning

When you are a kid the words “Spring Cleaning” can send a shiver down your back.  As an adult, there is something kind of exciting about it.  It is a great opportunity to declutter your home and get into all the usually neglected corners for a deep clean.  I love to do a big clean out of the fridge, a deep clean of the fireplace and of course, a huge decluttering day in my closet.

4)    House Exterior

The exterior of your house has most likely taken a beating in the harsh winter months.  On a nice Spring day, take a walk around your home to assess any damages or wear and tear.   Each Spring we often end up replacing roof tiles, gutters and window frames.

These small tasks each Spring really make a difference, especially if you plan to eventually sell your home. Having all these aspects of exterior home maintenance up to date will make a huge difference!

5)    Landscaping

Are the daffodils starting to sprout up despite the build up of weeds in your garden?  Those beautiful yellow flowers are such a welcome sight, signifying the true beginning to Spring.  Take some time to clear out any debris or winter weeds that have crept in over the Winter.  I love to clean out all garden beds then pressure wash the concrete in preparation for a big Spring planting day.

6)    Check your Systems

This is something often overlooked by homeowners, but it is so important.  Your home is full of systems that keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the Summer.  Spring is the perfect time to check that everything is in working order.

Take a tour of your house and check on all the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) units.  Clean or replace filters if needed, and ensure everything is in working order.  If your AC needs tending to, it will be way easier and cheaper to hire a handyman in the Spring versus the peak of Summer.

Preparing your home in the Spring is incredibly rewarding.  Once those first rays of Summer sun shine into your living room, you will be thrilled that you have clean windows, new blinds and a clutter free home.

Puting in the time and effort in the Spring months will ensure your Summer will be full of outdoor BBQs and fun with friends and family in a clean, well-organised environment.  Don’t wait another day – get that Spring cleaning underway!

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