As you can imagine, children’s trampolines come in many sizes, from the small 90cm diameter trampoline to the giant trampoline with a generous 430cm diameter, but did you think about the degree of bounce? To put it simply, the smaller the trampoline, the smaller the rebound mat compared to the vertical force exerted by the child’s weight, the stronger the rebound and therefore the higher your child will jump. 

Well, we are not in the competition 12 foot trampoline, but you should know that the larger the trampoline, the more numerous and safer the jumping zones will be because the child’s weight will be derisory compared to the capacity of the canvas. Consider this if you want to see several children having fun together.

The shape of the trampoline

The shape of a children’s trampoline largely depends on your personal preference among all the models offered on the market. Whether round, rectangular, square, oval or octagonal, the future trampoline that you are going to give to your child or children depends only on where you are going to install it. We will still show you the different shapes so that you can make the right choice.

The round trampoline : Best Trampoline for Kids

It is the most common form of trampoline for home use and it is also the best type of model for the safety of children thanks to the distribution of the load on the canvas. Indeed, the most bouncy area is in the center and, after feedback from parents, we know that children are only very rarely present at the center. And even being in the center, their weight does not allow them to fly very high … The safety net is in most cases supplied with this type of trampoline.

The rectangle trampoline

It is the favorite model of sportsmen and if your child likes to take off while controlling his jumps and if he wants to achieve real artistic figures, then this is the model for you. This type of trampoline allows, thanks to its jumping mat that is longer than it is wide, to offer a very important central rebound zone without having to add too much force, but a little bit anyway … It is a large trampoline that could to be the best solution for children who want to go higher without any fear …

The square trampoline

Square trampolines are very similar to rectangular models. However, they are often smaller and lighter. The jumping mat is stretched so that the degree of bounce is more limited, thus promoting safety when used by your children. This type of model is very fashionable and the choice is often made between a round or square trampoline.

Security elements

As safety is the priority of parents, it goes without saying that the model chosen must comply with European safety standards. Don’t worry, we only offer trampolines that meet safety standards. With or without a spring, of course, both options are good, but only trampolines with a safety net will be offered here. The quality of the materials is also taken into account for our choices.

The protective net

When you want to buy a trampoline for your children, it goes without saying that it must be equipped with a protective net of a suitable height to avoid any risk of accidental falls. If you opt for a model sold without a net, be sure to check that you can add one later, otherwise, go your way.

The protective mattress

Safety mattresses are primarily used to cover the springs which are used to tension the jumping mat. These mattresses are generally provided with a Velcro and will also be attached to the steel frame of the child trampoline. This accessory should not be considered the ultimate safety solution, but you will avoid many problems by adding them around the trampoline.

With or without springs?

This is a question you should ask yourself when looking for a good children’s trampoline. If you opt for a springless trampoline, you will therefore have rubber bands instead of those to stretch the jumping mat. This type of model increases safety and prevents a spring breaking after a few months of intensive use. However, springless models cost a little more and this does not guarantee optimum safety.


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