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Instagram has become the second most popular social network behind only Facebook worldwide. And while Facebook may boast more overall users, there are many reasons why such a large number of people are more active on Instagram, and why it may be more useful for businesses looking to gain a larger customer base. If you run a business, whether large, small, or mid-sized, you should be looking to Instagram to help you gain more exposure and increase your profits. Here are just some stats that should show you why creating an Instagram account is a vital move for any business.

Over 4.2 billion posts are liked every day on Instagram

This may seem like a ridiculous number, but it’s true. People see new videos and photos on a daily basis and “like” them 4.2 billion times! Every time someone likes one of your posts, you’ll gain more exposure and may even be introduced to some of their followers. This lets you expand your network of followers and potential customers who may also decide to like your posts. It’s a snowball effect that can be of great use for your branding efforts.

There are over 500 million daily users

Half a billion people is extremely significant and represents all of the potential customers that you could reach just by creating an account. Every single day, 500 million people log onto Instagram and browse through videos, photos, and stories, hoping to find something that piques their interest. If you can reach just a fraction of a percent of these people, you’ll be doing your company a favor and putting your organization in a position to easily find new customers.

People under 30 make up 59% of Instagram’s clientele

Young people are always going to be the most tech-savvy demographic, and often will have plenty of disposable income. With so many young people using Instagram regularly, you will be setting yourself up for exposure to a very important market if you create an account and remain active. Appealing to this demographic means that they will share with their friends and help you to reach out to new customers who just might want to pay for your products and services.

Instagram Followers

10 times more people engage on Instagram than on Facebook

Even if you have a Facebook account, you should be supplementing it with an active Instagram account. There may be fewer users, but their level of interaction means that they’re more likely to share your posts and buy your products. Instagram is highly interactive with loads of engagement (although you be surprised how many likes come from services like Gramlike and there’s a reason that so many companies are choosing it as a priority over marketing on Facebook. These days it’s also easier to harness engagement (views and post likes)

60% of users say they have discovered new products on Instagram

If you are trying to gain new customers, then Instagram is a valuable resource to do so. 60% of Instagrammers have found a new product through the platform thanks to its superior promotional and advertising schemes. Getting your brand out there gives you a great opportunity to find new customers.

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