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The Ultimate Guide To Hair Transplant in India – Cost & Techniques

Healthcare is the most booming field after IT with tremendous developments reaching out to the society like never before. There is a rapid evolution of new trends regarding the healthcare among the masses. One of those is the HAIR TRANSPLANT. It has changed the concept of aesthetic sciences in India like never before. Now what is HAIR TARANSPLANT? We will go through all its manifestations regarding the features & outcome of the procedure

Hair is one of the most quintessential parts of your personality. It enhances your confidence & reflects your personality. Hair loss can de-escalate the morale of a person.  It can deprive you of your solace your mental peace & sometimes could be a reason for social embarrassment too. 

HAIR TRANSPLANT is the art & science of restoring the hair loss where hair loss over a specific region or the other, is treated through restoration by surgical means. Grafts are extracted from one region which we call donor site to be implanted at the other region what we know as recipient site .Donor site is usually characterized by the rich dense hair growth. While recipient site shows marked hair loss… It has emerged as a new hope for the people suffering from hair loss or baldness 

There are numerous Hair Transplantation techniques practiced by doctors in India. There are few aspects of it that can vary with cases as Surgeon with mindful thought will advocate best for you. Other factors governing the  treatment modality depend on its respective pathology also.

  1. FUT – It is also called Strip Method. It involves  a donor strip ,part of scalp skin usually above the nape, to be excised in order to extract hair follicles which are later to be implanted  at a demarcated area or receptor site encompassing the hair loss. 

It just scores over the old conventional hair transplant procedures & subsequently replacing them but now a new development hailed as FUE is among the trends these days but still FUT is popular among surgeons it offers certain advantages over FUE.

  1. FUE – It is more innovative less invasive technique than FUT & has changed the surgical approach these days. It stands as Follicular Unit Extraction. It along with FUT are one of the most popular technique practiced around the world these days.. Prices vary hugely so do vary the success rate.

In this procedure Hair grafts are individually picked from a large part of the skull with a punch & then later are implanted at the recipient site. Undergoing Follicular unit extraction technique subjects patient to less exposure & surgical exposure.

  1. DHT – It stands for Direct Hair Transplantation. It is gaining popularity these days as new latest hair transplant technique coming up with new terminology aimed at garnering market support infact it is a modified FUE with a slight difference in implantation where the extracted grafts from donor areas are immediately placed at the recipient side with no time involved in between.

Grafts remains healthy viable unaffected by the physical factors that could otherwise dampen the chances of their survival. It offers few advantages over its counterparts


There is a huge surge in the number of Hair Transplant Clinic in INDIA. This field is witnessing a never before boom with more & more health facilities offering it

Cost of hair transplant in India has reached to new high which varies with the Surgeon, Clinics or Extent of hair loss & others .It may range from  1,00,000 to 3.5 lakhs INR. One of the most important questions arises before the patient is WHO TO CHOOSE for the treatment. Prices vary in contrast with the success rate. Its up to patient to choose wisely among the doctors before undergoing the treatment keeping in view his skills, qualification, experience & other things.

The cost of FUE hair transplantation has reached to a new high in contrast to the FUT hair transplant as it involves the most sophisticated tools for extracting the grafts, however the output comes with a limited success due to the higher chances of damage among grafts located at the margins during the random punching. It takes more time as the Surgeon extracts the grafts one-by-one & later implants it at the desired site. Price of a hair transplant globally varies with the country, surgeon, equipments…It generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 in USA.

AFTER HAIR TRANSPLANT– If we assume the total perfection & detail oriented deliverance regarding the treatment procedure with no room for improvement then implanted hair will mimic the natural ones making it virtually indistinguishable to recognize. Medications can be prescribed for few days to overcome the post-operative distress. It also depends upon the technique involved in the treatment. Clot removal is usually done by the 12th day of the treatment but can vary in few cases. Regrown hair behaves like the other ones & can be cut colored later following the normal growth cycle.

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