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The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer released (Video)

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The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer was released at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and it is fire.  The trailer begins where season 6 left off, where Negan talks about beating the holy hell out of someone while holding his barb-wired wrapped, trusty bat, Lucille.

Then the trailer shows images of Glenn and Maggie sharing tender moments.  It shows them on their knees with Lucille in their faces, wondering if it will be one of them that meets their doom.  Next the trailer skips to Rick Grimes and his son Carl.  It follows the same pattern as well.  We see other members of their crew having flashbacks of good times and rough times together but surviving, but are now on their knees wondering if they will have their brains bashed in by Lucille.

The trailer then shows flashes of Carol, who makes a statement of, “I do not know what the hells going on in the most wonderful way”.  One minute she looks concerned, the other happy.  That is the complexity of Carol.  She can act sweet and innocent but in this world of walkers and human killers she has become a cold-blooded killer.

Jesus is shown as a bad ass and it seems that he is allied with King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva, the leader of what is known as the kingdom.  He is shown with his tiger Shiva for the first time.  It seems that Jesus’s Hilltop community is joining forces with King Ezekiel and his community.  King Ezekiel is enemies with Negan in the comics.  This preludes the possibility of Rick and his crew joining forces with the Hilltop community and the Kingdom against Egan’s saviors.

The trailer then jumps back to Negan holding Lucille with blood dripping from the bat.  It is obvious that he just split someone’s head wide open like a watermelon, but who that is, we do not know.  The trailer does enough to make you think that it is eluding to someone then switches to others.  All of Rick’s crew is seen on their knees individually while they wait to see if they will be hit with a skull crushing hit from Lucille.

The trailer ends with the date of October 23, 2016.  This date cannot come soon enough for TWD fans.  Season 6 ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers in TV show history, with Rick’s bunch on their knees waiting to see who gets the death-blow.  Season 7 of The Walking Dead cannot come soon enough.

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