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A nightclub is one of the best spots for releasing all your stress and have a great time with your old or new friends. There are various reasons for visiting nightclub like: dance, hang out, meet new people, music, drink and many more.

Going nightclub for the first time can be a completely different experience.

If you don’t know what to wear, what to do, and nervous going to a nightclub. Don’t worry; I usually visit night clubs in Melbourne, and with my experience and tips, you will be as good a regular clubber even at your very first time.

The key is being mentally prepared and knowing what to do and expect before you get to the nightclub.

Choose the Right Club

First thing first, choosing the right club is most necessary. You don’t want to make your very first experience boring. You should choose your first nightclub very carefully. You need to know what kind of club you are going, Timing of a club, what kind of people usually visit and so on.

If you are in Melbourne and planning to go night club, you can visit Billboard Saturday. It’s quite famous Saturday nightclub in Melbourne. It’s also an excellent venue for celebrating a birthday party.

Entry Fee/Lines

Apart from choosing the right club, you should also be aware of the entry fee. It’s not like visiting a bar or pub. Some night club might offer free entry, but you are likely to pay the entry fee to get inside in most of the nightclub.

In case of the club being very popular or any special occasion like new-year, you can expect for a long line at the door.

Go With Your Friends

Going club with your friends is always fun, you can have lots of fun together. And if it’s your first time to a nightclub, it’s better to go with your friends. You can always count on your friends if you need any help.

Clubbing is never boring, but going alone for the first time might end up being boring. You might need more time to adjust to the environment. As you won’t be aware of the, do and don’t in the club, so it’s better to go with friends.

But if you are good at socializing, it’s never weird going to a club alone.

Getting Dressed for Nightclub

If you are planning for visiting a nightclub, with no doubt, you might have already prepared the best dress that suits you. After all, you want to make a good impression among others.

And if you have not given a thought on your dress, it’s time for you to provide some time to think about what to wear at a nightclub. You can’t show up dressed casually at a nightclub. At some nightclub, you will never make through the door if you don’t dress well.

Make sure you look good and stylish, more importantly, you should feel comfortable. You can ask your friends for better advice, as they know you well and can suggest better what suits you most.

What to See & Expect Inside the Club

Clubs are always dark, filled with DJ lighting. Music is played on a loud sound from a band, or most likely there will be a DJ for entertaining clubbers with great music. And beautiful girls and handsome guys all around the club are always the major attraction of any club.

A nightclub is always a high energy place due to its pumping music and hot girls and guys.

Don’t get amazed if you are not permitted to go specific place in the club. There are reserved places for VIPs who get extra service for paying extra money.

You can also expect a pub inside a club, just don’t get carried away.

Drinking in Nightclub

Going to a nightclub and not drinking? It might sound weird. But it’s up to you if you don’t want any alcoholic drink you can have juice, don’t worry, nobody is going to look at you. Everyone will be busy having a good time with their friends. And if you want to try some drinks, you should go with light mocktails first. You don’t want to knock out yourself going heavy in your very first time.

For those who are regular drinker, it is better to know your limit. Drinking beyond your limit will surely ruin the fun for you and your friends too.

Making New Friends

For most of the guys, finding hot girls is always the main reason for clubbing. If you want to make friends with girls, you should start learning how to dance. Usually, girls love to dance, and if you can show some moves, it might work for you. You need just to smile and look confident.

For girls, getting close to guys is easy. You need to make eye contact and show off your hot body and some dance. Soon many guys will start approaching you. Guys staring and trying to touch girls is quite common in most of the clubs. But if you don’t like guys getting closer, stay close to your friends or grab a seat and enjoy the music with drinks. Some guys might try to hit on you, don’t lose your calm. You can react politely, and if you don’t like it, you can refuse easily

Taking Care of Belongings

Finally, with all the fun going on. Don’t forget about your belongings; getting over-excited can end up being worst. You can lose your valuable things like phone, purse, etc. Nobody wants to lose their stuff and be less on cash while returning home. So, it’s better to keep the excitement bit low and act as a responsible person.

The most important things while clubbing is having fun, don’t overcrowd your mind with lots of questions. Wear a comfortable dress gather your friends and have fun. And if you are worried about the people inside the club, everyone will be busy with their drinks and friends. Nobody is going to look at you unless someone is attracted to you. The loud music won’t let you hear anything that people are talking about.

Have fun, make your first nightclub experience memorable. New friends are waiting for you!

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