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MLB : Tigers Send 1B Prince Fielder to Rangers for 2B Ian Kinsler

(Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)
(Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)

The Detroit Tigers have traded first baseman Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported that there were talks about this blockbuster deal and then broke the news that this deal will be accepted pending physicals.  Fielder is entering his third year in his 9-year, $214 million dollar contract that was signed to bring him into Detroit.

Kinsler has just four years left in his contract, as he is owed $57 million. There is also an option for the 2018 season that will be worth $10 million.

With the Tigers getting rid of Fielder’s monstrous contract, Max Scherzer’s extension with Detroit seems more likely. Scherzer, the 2013 AL Cy Young Award winner, went 21-3 with a 2.90 ERA last year and was the best pitcher in the Detroit rotation.

The Tigers receive a huge upgrade in the field, as their former second baseman, Omar Infante became a free agent at the end of the 2013 season. Kinsler batted .277 last year, hitting 13 home runs, 72 RBI, 85 runs, and 15 steals in 136 games last year.

Kinsler did struggle last year, but entering a new team with a better offense like the Tigers could definitely give Kinsler the rebound season he has been looking for. In 2011, Kinsler joined the 30 homer-30 steals club for the second time, but his numbers have steadily declined over the past two seasons.

With Kinsler moving into Detroit, the Rangers have found a place to put Jurickson Profar, who was the number one prospect entering the 2013 season. Profar batted .234 in his rookie year, hitting 11 doubles and scoring 30 runs.

After a strong start of the season where he hit seven home runs in April, Fielder also struggled. He finished the year with a .279 average with 25 home runs and 106 RBI. The Rangers could not find a reliable first baseman in 2013, as Lance Berkman couldn’t remian healthy and Mitch Moreland finished the year with a .232 average.

Entering a new atmospehre where both players can start new and become leaders on their team. Kinsler’s ability to get on-base will increase both Miguel Cabrera‘s and Victor Martinez’s production at the plate, while Fielder could be the extra power source the Rangers need to make it far in the playoffs.


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