Buying tire-fitting second hand can be a fantastic way to save money, but it can also be stressful. Will the equipment you’re buying work as described? Is the equipment you purchase going to be efficient and capable of doing the job you need it to do?

Here are some tips from that will help you minimize your stress when buying second-hand. In addition to knowing what to look for during the buying process, you’ll also be prepared to avoid scams.

Try Out Equipment Before You Make a Purchase

To ensure you’re buying the right equipment, you should always see it in action before you buy it. This will give you a better idea of how it works. However, you don’t have to buy your equipment in person. We have a showroom on-site, and our team is ready to demo equipment at any time for you.

We can provide you with videos showing the equipment in detail if you request it. You will feel more confident in the quality of the product if you can see it for yourself.

Listen for Unusual Noises

When inspecting a piece of equipment or watching a demo, listen for weird noises coming from the motor or gearbox. Excessive or unusual noises could indicate a problem. You should ensure that a used tire machine is in good working condition even when you buy it used.

Find out When the Machine Was Manufactured

See if the machine was manufactured in the year that you are looking for. You’ll be able to tell how much wear and tear the equipment has likely suffered if you know how old it is. Additionally, you should try to learn more about the environment in which the equipment was used. Identify the extent of the equipment’s use.

Watch Out for Rust

When you see rust on tire-fitting equipment, it’s a sign that the equipment hasn’t been well maintained. If there is visible external rust, there is a good chance that there is also internal rust. Internal rust directly impacts the efficiency of the machine.

Don’t Overlook Slow Speeds

It doesn’t mean you should make serious sacrifices when it comes to speed when you buy used. When moving parts like turntables are slow, it indicates a problem. Perhaps the seals have worn out and the air has leaked. You may be able to figure out what’s causing the machine to run so slowly by reviewing its service history.

Brand Names Matter

Buying equipment from a well-known brand can be a sign of quality, which is why you should strive to buy from well-known brands. We offer a range of high-quality products from reputable brands. With us, you’ll have access to quality equipment at a cost-effective price.

Check the Readings

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to purchasing tire fitting equipment, which is why you shouldn’t overlook the readings. When it is balanced properly, a wheel should read 100g on the balancer. Check the readings and make sure they are accurate.

Imperfections Are Okay

You shouldn’t focus on finding perfect equipment when you buy used. Your equipment will have minor flaws, and that’s fine. The most important thing is that the machinery is efficient and can perform the task.


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