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Now that your baby has finally arrived home, it’s time for the rollercoaster ride of discovering the art of parenting. It is a beautiful, rewarding and challenging journey and a true learning experience of how to give care. Your baby is your most precious treasure, and you have a great deal to learn to become a seasoned parent.

The very first thing to learn as a parent is how to hold your newborn with ease. Now, the simple act of holding your baby may brim you up with fear or panicky thoughts. You don’t need anything to worry about, and it’s just the early jitters of going through the most extraordinary process of giving birth. However, you do need to learn the appropriate positions of holding a newborn.

It is highly recommended to invest in a lightweight baby wrap to provide comfort and support to your little one. Baby wraps ensure the right holding position and help give them the support they need to develop and grow. In this article, we will discuss some highly insightful tips to walk you through the basics of holding a newborn.  

Here’s everything you need to know:

Preparing to Hold your Baby 

Always make sure you hold your baby after thoroughly washing your hands. Babies are extremely vulnerable to germs and bacteria as their immune systems are under development. Any germs that might be lingering on your hands or body are likely to make them sick. Be sure to rinse your hands with a disinfectant soap and water, and stock up on hand sanitizers. 

You can be mindful of your own germ-fighting regime, but what about all the guests and family members? Make sure that everyone who wants to cuddle with your baby cleans their hands thoroughly. It is highly advisable to hold a baby while sitting down unless you want to walk around and engage them outdoors.

If you’re unwell, battling a seasonal cold or an infection, avoid picking up a baby. Adults must closely supervise all children holding babies.

Comfort is Key

New mothers and fathers need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with panicking about holding their newborn. The key is to get comfortable and sit or stand in a position that allows you to remain flexible. Generally, it takes at least five minutes of holding to get comfortable with the idea of cradling one’s baby.

There’s nothing wrong with freaking out in the beginning. Just be sure to breathe and absorb the experience. It will take time, but eventually, you will find the most comfortable position for yourself and the little one. Lightweight baby wraps are extremely helpful in this journey, and you should consider getting one.

Give them support

The most important thing to remember is that newborns and toddlers need support. Whenever you’re holding a baby, be sure to put a hand to support their head and neck. As long as your baby is unable to sit up straight and straighten the spine, they will need your support. 

For newborns, their head is the heaviest part of their bodies and requires the most support. Be mindful of the soft spots on the top of the baby’s head and always keep the neck straight. You see, newborns don’t have a crucial neck muscle, which keeps the head straight. This neck muscle doesn’t develop for the first four months, so be sure to stay mindful of supporting the neck.

The Right Position

When it comes to holding a baby with ease, there are no hard and fast rules. It is a journey of discovering your baby’s needs and preferences. You start by picking up your baby for the first time and adapting to his/her needs.

When lifting a baby, be sure to tuck a hand underneath their head, and one underneath the bottom. It allows them the support to raise their bodies to the level of your chest. You can choose any position as long as your hand is supporting the neck and head of the baby. You can choose between a wide variety of positions, such as the cradle hold, lap hold, shoulder hold and more.

The right position is the one that is most comfortable for both you and the baby. Breastfeeding requires the cradle position, while burping requires the shoulder position. Keep alternating between different positions as experimenting is crucial to support body development and their comfort.  

Baby Wraps & Carriers

Babies need comfort and support to structure their spine and allow them to move about without the developing muscles. A lightweight baby wrap or buckle carrier is instrumental in shaping up the natural contours of your baby’s body. These wraps allow superior comfort as they wrap around the natural shape of the baby, ensuring the perfect position. 

They are great investments if you want to carry your baby outdoors while running errands or traveling. They ensure comfort and support and are ideal for cuddling without tiring out your little one. We strongly urge you to pick up lightweight baby wraps made with organic materials. Simpler baby carriers offer long-term durability and comfort.

The best part is, they offer a hands-free method of holding a baby. So, you can easily go about your everyday tasks without having to worry about the little one or neglecting your child. It is the ultimate investment to build closeness and get past the initial jitters and fears of holding your baby. It will ensure you maintain the right position without giving up the freedom to do all that you need to do. 


Parents need to relax and focus more on rejoicing the presence of their little ones. Parenting is a journey you cannot complete in a day. We all want to be good parents, and it is a natural and constant process.

So, instead of fussing over the right position of holding your baby, invest in a lightweight baby wrap and other gear. These tools will allow you to hold your baby the right way and move past the initial fear of making mistakes. 


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