Addiction and Recovery Center

Choosing to check in to an addiction and recovery center is a difficult but brave choice for anyone who has been battling addiction.  Whether you are choosing one for yourself or a loved one, how can you be sure you are choosing the right one? Here are a few tips that can guide you in selecting a facility.


Many recovery centers are offering different treatment programs. Therefore, you will have to research and find one that suits your needs—also, factor in the length of use and the severity of addiction to make a decision.  As you research, look for facilities that have been certified by the state to operate.  You can expect to find quality care from licensed facilities. Also, check what programs are offered and whether they are accredited.  That means that the quality of care should meet the standards set by a compliance organization.

Consult with a Professional

Talk to a professional in the field to guide you in finding the right recovery center.  There are many facilities out there promising to give the best care, which can be overwhelming when making a decision.  A professional most likely knows facilities that can provide excellent care to individuals and connect you to those facilities.

Factor in your Rehab Goals

When choosing a rehab facility, factor in your goals; maybe you want a program for 6 or 12 months to help you recover. For that period, what programs will you have undergone? Also, are you looking for inpatient or outpatient care?  If you think you are disciplined enough to enroll in an outpatient program, then check what treatment methods are available for you.  You can also factor in what the facility specializes in. Some facilities specialize in alcohol addiction, and others focus on opioid addiction.

Evidence-Based Treatment

There should be evidence that the facility offers effective programs or treatments for substance abuse. Such treatments include counseling, medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and peer support.  Good facilities will often have more than one treatment technique for effective results. Also, effective programs are mindful of the mental and physical health of individuals in recovery. Consider Ascendant New York, which provides effective treatment plans for recovering patients.

Check on Medication Offered

If you have managed to narrow down a few potential facilities, then check whether the medication used in their treatment program is approved by the FDA.


Rehab facilities can be very costly, so find one that is in-network with your insurance provider. In-network means that treatment programs offered by the facility meet quality standards.

Family Involvement

Family members have an essential role in the recovery process of their loved ones. They also need counseling due to the impact that drug addiction has on a family. If the facility does not include family therapy sessions in the treatment process, then do not use it.

Continuing Care

Even after individuals leave recovery centers, they still need ongoing care and support for some time. A good facility has a long-term program that involves ongoing medication and counseling from time to time.

Once you have settled on a facility that satisfies your needs, make an appointment with them.  If within 48 hours you or your loved one is yet to get feedback, then it is time to find another facility. Although, most recovery centers accept walk-in clients, too, so you can try heading to the facility rather than making a call.  Moreover, avoid facilities that guarantee you success. Addiction is a personal journey, and you cannot guarantee that your methods will work best for an individual.

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