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Tips to Rock Jumpsuits for Every Body Type

A jumpsuit or playsuit is one of the coolest and elegant outfits in your closet as it is easy to spruce up for the workplace, accessorize it with anything for a night out, or swing a casual look for outing with friends. It is also a great alternative to jeans/trousers and a must have. However, finding the right jumpsuit isn’t so easy with all the variety of jumpsuits available out there, fashion disasters can easily happen. So, what can be done?

To help you, I have rounded up few tips to pick a jumpsuit that will flaunt your body type perfectly.   

Petite Bellas

If you’re petite and proud of it, this is what you should do to flaunt it. Opt for full-length body-hugging jumpsuits as they emphasize your perfectly charming frame. The full length of these elegant evening jumpsuits will give an illusion of a taller look and highlight the slight curves of your waist. On the off chance that you don’t like the overall look, you can pick up a jacket to go with it as it will add more style to your attire. Plus, don’t forget your high heels.  

Ruler-Shaped Lovelies

The tall ones should definitely go with short jumpsuits for women. If you are a ruler shaped lovely, then your lean and long legs are the assets. So, don’t shy away and hide them. The short jumpsuits will enhance them and while you’re at it, you can also pick up a nice looking hat to go with your jumpsuit to get a very chic yet casual look.

Pear-Shaped Beauties

Pear-shaped women have a lean torso and a comparatively wider bottom, so to avoid the attention on your hips, you have the option to pick a baggy jumpsuit. These loose jumpsuits are incredible in balancing the hips with the torso, making the body look proportionate. In addition to this, you can choose a V-shaped neck long sleeve jumpsuit for a classy appeal on the torso area. Likewise, a necklace with it will pretty much complete the entire look and put the emphasis on the upper part of your body.

Hourglass-Shaped Maidens

Despite the fact that you are blessed with symmetrical curves, you need to be conscious of what to put on your body type. Your goal should be to accentuate your curves in the best way you can and for this you can go for a strapless jumpsuit with a high waist pant. You could likewise add a decent belt to your jumpsuit to finish off that fabulous look.

Apple-Shaped Darlings

If you have an Apple shaped body, your area of trouble is the tummy. You need to pick clothes that hide this area and with jumpsuits, you can go with kimono jumpsuits. The upper part of this type of jumpsuit is baggy yet stylish while the bottom part fits relatively like a pant. Accessorize it with a clutch and the highest heels you can find to finish off your impressive dress-up.

These are some of the tips to pick the right jumpsuits and playsuits for your body type and remember that there are no particular rules in the fashion world as it’s always open for experiment.


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