Despite the skyscrapers and a busy central business district, Perth remains to be a pretty relaxed and chill capital city compared to Melbourne or Sydney. Not to mention, the endless sunshine as well as its pristine beaches has made it one of the coolest destinations in Australia. For this reason, travelers flock the city for a much needed break from their busy lives and get a dose of that laid back vibe.

If you are planning on getting yourself to Perth, here are some of the top destinations to visit for the perfect Australian adventure.

Swan River


According to stories passed down by the Aborigines, the winding Swan River was created by the rainbow serpent named Waugal. It is the perfect picnic spot, treating you to a unique outdoor setting where you can enjoy the company of friends or family. Activities you can enjoy here include hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. You may opt to go on a cruise along Swan Valley where the oldest grape-growing region can be found, or a simple river cruise from Perth to Fremantle.

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo has been open since 1898 and has delighted tourists by showcasing different ecosystems and the species that survive in each one. Some of their key exhibits gives you a glimpse of the unique wildlife in the country like the Wetlands exhibit and the Australian Bushwalk exhibit. Favorite animals you can see here include Kangaroos, Wallabies, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, and Koalas. The ecosystems they feature include African Savannahs and Asian Rainforests.


What is a Perth visit without dropping by their beaches, right? There are countless beaches you can choose from on your stay here. About 15 minutes from the city center, you will find the white-sand beach of Cottesloe, a popular destination with a café culture you might want to check out. City Beach has a children’s playground and picnic spots. Other beaches you can visit are Port Beach, Rockingham Beach, Scarborough, and Penguin Island.

Perth Mint


For a dose of Perth history, make sure to visit the Perth Mint. Here, you will learn all about the history of gold in Western Australia. On display is the world’s largest gold coin which weighs around a ton. You will also see gold bullion, the melting house which will show you pure gold liquid forms into a solid bar, the largest collection of gold nuggets in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Pinnacles Desert

Located within Nambung National Park, the Pinnacles Desert is home to thousands of weathered limestone pillars , the tallest of which is up to 3.5 meters above the yellow sand. You may visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre for an in-depth walkthrough of its history after a day tour along the dunes. While the Nambung National Park is two hours from Perth, it is a mainstay in a lot of the city’s tour itineraries. A visit here will tell you why Perth tourists would choose to drive the 200-kilometer distance to see a breathtaking view of the rock formations.

Most of these destinations can be accessed via car, and there’s nothing like getting to drive the city on your own. You can pick a car for rent at Perth Airport here so you can get to these places in no time.

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