Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are the center of attraction. Wedding couples give more attention to be it in the eyes of guests. One survey is done in the USA and it shows that around one-third of the price is consumed on the cakes only. It eats the whole budget. But if you have a limited budget and you are planning to make a budget-friendly wedding, we are here to help you. We have followed some beautiful guidelines about how to save money on your wedding cake. You can cut the wedding cake budget and then apply that amount to other parts like food, decoration part. 

1] Have a Small Cake for Cutting 

At weddings, couples do take an interest in offering huge three-tiered cakes. Designer cakes are costly and three or two-tiered cakes are even more costly. So instead of imitating others stick to your budget. Select a small cake for cutting. You can opt for a small designer cake which costs in your budget. And then serve cake sheets to the guests welcomed at the weddings. This way you can save lots of your money on wedding cakes. 

2] Don’t Order too many Slices

Most slices went waste, mostly kids. When you are planning to order cake slices, offer small slices. It is a good trick to save the waste of cakes. You can order the less amount of slices depends on the guest’s list. Cut the slices in half to improve the bulk quantity of cakes. Some have a small appetite so the small slice will fill their empty stomach. This is how you can save the extra expenditure spent on cakes. 

3] Order from your Local Bakery 

Don’t insist on the designer cakes store. Use a local bakery shop to make you the best designer cake. They are offering a good taste then the design is no issue. You can go for simple icing and designs to add great taste to your cake. Obviously it will help you to enjoy the freshly baked cake. Local bakeries can also help you in providing the number of slices you needed at the time. So it would save you from the embarrassment of shortening cake slices in the middle of celebration time.

4] Set a Budget 

Planning is necessary to set a budget. You must have to check the list of invited guests and the cost spend on the slice of cake. You have to decide how much amount goes on the cake and how much cost goes on cake slices. Once you have set the amount, divide this amount into these two things. Now you have decided the amount, tell the baker to adjust the amount in both things. Emicakes is known for their local delights, you can cut some amount in design and icing and emphasis on flavor and taste. If you are looking for a thank you gift at the end of the ceremony you can buy gift online from us.

5] Add Real Flowers 

Designer cakes are flooding with lots of butter cream icing and designs. You can add some real flavors of floral into it by adding floral decoration. Use those edible flowers and their petals to embellish the cake. Flowers have an appealing beauty. So without using artificial colors, you add natural beauty to your cake. It just not enhances the decoration of the cake but also helps in adding distinguish flavor to your cake. 

6] Consider as an Alternative

A wedding cake is a must tradition but it doesn’t mean you should order a cake only. You can also use cup cakes for decorating a cake table uniquely. It’s a new concept arrived to save lots of leftover slices of cake. Cup cakes are nicely adorned in the cake stand to create a huge three layer or two layer cake towers. The cake is in the center and the sides are adorned with cookies, donuts, cupcakes. You can use so many alternatives to get the budget friendly option.

7] DIY Your Cake Topper 

It’s ok if you are showing your creative side on the wedding cake. Wedding cake makes “the knot” journey memorable. You can add some personal touch by adding some DIY cake topper. What you need to do is to ask for a simple white cake. Now you have to apply all your creative juices by decorating the cake in your style. You can also add some personal touch by visualizing the couple’s name on it. 

8] Fake Foam Tiers 

Instead of choosing the expensive three tiered cakes you can get the look of luxury three tiered cakes using fake foam tiers. To make it a designer cake baker chose to decorate fake foam sheets between the real layers of cake. This way you can get the royal multi-tiered cakes at cheap price.

9] Keeping It Simple 

The more you choose designs you will be paid the extra charge. Just keep a simple design on the cake. Now simple fondant cakes are adorned with live floral garlands and some DIY toppers so that you can achieve the designer cakes in nominal rates. 

10] Choose Butter Cream over Fondant

If you are planning a wedding ceremony in summer ditch fondant and go with butter crème frosting. Choosing a butter crème can cut half of the amount on a wedding cake. It tastes heavenly in summer. Butter crème frosting is easy to apply and also it saves lots of time of baker too. 

So you are planning wedding in budget, you have got the best tricks of how to save money on wedding cakes. You can run your wedding ceremony as per the estimated cost choosing cakes from anniversary cake delivery shop. You will find lots of variety in cakes in cheap prices here. Hope so this article will help you in saving your bucks and enjoy the being married in the cost you assumed for.


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