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Top 4 Tips for Writing Successful Resumes

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By Victoria Voloshina

Writing successful resumes may be not as hard as you thought

Even if you are a student with not much of a job experience, chances are you know what it’s like to write resumes no less than you know what paper writing is like. In case you are still not sure what a resume is, you can look it up here: en.wikipedia.org .

And if you are trying to apply for a job, the biggest obstacle on your way is an HR manager who views lots and lots resumes choosing those that meet all the company’s requirements. Usually an HR manager may view hundreds of resumes a day, so your task is to build a resume that is clear, concise and simple and shows all of your strengths.

So here are four resume writing strategies that will help you make your resume look exactly like this:

1. Put the most important details front and center

Too often, people write about something that is secondary to the job they want to get in the first sentences of their resumes. This mistake may cost you your much desired position because, as any person in the world, HR managers get tired, and you can be sure that no one is going to read your resume thoroughly in hope to find something that’s’ worth their attention.

Always mention something that may attract an HR’s interest in the beginning of your resume.

For example, if you applying for a position of a manager for a custom research papers writing company, one of the first things you must write in your resume is your experience as a writer and description of your writing skills. An HR will definitely pay attention to candidates who provide this information in detail.

Also, don’t forget to list all your specific knowledge and skills – in the beginning of your resume, as well.

2. Make your resume easy to read

Just imagine that you’ve created a perfect resume in terms of structure and basic requirements, but it’s totally unreadable because of formatting and your inexplicably creative choice of fonts and font colors. What expects you in this case? In a best-case scenario, an HR manager will not be impressed by you. In the worst-case scenario, no one will ever read it.

So please make it easier for people who view your writing. Use readable fonts (usually 12th Times New Roman) and highlight sections and subsections by using italics and bold type. It would be better to forget about using any emojis or color – all of these will only make your resume harder to read. You don’t want to annoy any HRs.

3. Be more specific about what kind of traits and achievements you have

Don’t forget that your resume has to be easy to understand and concise. Avoiding everything that’s irrelevant to the job position you are applying for is a must. For example, it would be much better to write “Have extensive experience in using blog promotion tools” instead of “used innovative media resources”.

4. Try to imagine yourself in an HR’s place

This may really surprise you, but your resume is going to be viewed by an actual alive person, just like you. Please take this fact into account. First of all, don’t forget to add your full name to the title, second, highlight all those things you think to be most important for this specific job position, third, add some details when describing your previous working experience.

Also, don’t forget about attaching a cover letter (learn more about requirements for cover letter format before writing it to make sure you do it right). After you finish writing your resume, read and re-read it a few times and think whether you would like it if you were an HR or not. Do you know why?

See? There’s nothing very difficult about writing a good resume. But if your resume gets rejected this time, don’t get disappointed and keep looking. There is still a plenty of opportunities for you out there!

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