Are you looking to get that special someone in your life something extra special for Valentine’s Day? But are you looking for something that’s a little more creative than just chocolates or jewelry?

While chocolates and jewelry are always a safe bet, sometimes, it really pays to think outside the box.

But, what should you get then?

Read on to learn about 4 Valentine’s gifts that aren’t chocolate or jewelry.

1. A Painting

Even if your significant other is not the artsy type, everyone needs some nice artwork in their home.

And how often does someone get a piece of artwork as a gift? Make sure you take your SO’s style into account, as you don’t want to get them a painting that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Also, try to choose a painting that is meaningful to both of you. For example, maybe you recently took a trip to Paris? How about getting a unique painting of a part of the city?

Or, if you really want to score some romance points, find a photo of you and your SO that both of you really like. You can use a company like Instapainting to transform this photo into an actual painting!

This is a super personal gift that shows your SO that you really care about them and cherish your relationship.

2. Tickets to a Show

 Is there a singer, comedian, or some other type of performer who your SO has been dying to see?

If so, see if that person is coming to town soon so you can buy them tickets to that show. Even if they’re not your favorite performer, your SO will be ecstatic and will definitely appreciate you taking note of their interests.

If you can’t find anyone they love who is coming to town soon, then consider purchasing tickets to some other type of event, such as a play or a sporting event in which their favorite team is playing.

If the tickets end up being for something that is a long way off, it’s usually a good idea to throw in a smaller gift of something they can enjoy right away, such as their favorite bottle of wine or a nice sweater.

3. A Surprise Weekend Getaway

 Ok – who doesn’t love the idea of a surprise weekend getaway?

Planning a weekend away somewhere – and paying for the accommodation yourself ahead of time – is a super romantic gesture. If possible, try to plan your getaway to somewhere that is catered to your SO’s interest.

For example, if your SO loves to hike, maybe you can plan a weekend in a small mountain town? Or, maybe they love wine? You could plan a weekend somewhere that’s near a bunch of wineries.

Or, maybe there’s just a city that they’ve always wanted to visit? Planning a weekend trip there is also a great idea.

4. A Book of Love Letters

If your SO loves super romantic things, then a book of famous love letters is an excellent idea.

There are at least 50 books out there like this, so you should have no problem finding one. You can find ones that are love letters written by men, ones written by women, or ones written by both men and women.

And, if you really want to impress your SO, you can attach your own love letter at the end of the book. Even if you aren’t an excellent writer, your SO will definitely appreciate the gesture and they’ll cherish that letter for years to come.

As you can see, chocolate and jewelry are certainly not the only options for Valentine’s gifts! Let us know in the comments below which gift you are thinking about buying.

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