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Athleisure: Top 5 Footwear For Athletes In 2017

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Everybody knows running is good for health. People plan to buy a new pair of shoes when it comes to start running from the next morning or evening. Similarly, there are many physical activities and sports, where you need good quality shoes to improve your athletic abilities.

Nowadays, there are a number of shoe brands that produce and sell running, hiking, and other sports shoes. It is of course very confusing to select the best shoes because there is an abundance of shoe brands. This guide will probably bring your search to the best 5 footwear available for the athletic activities.

Before you check the reviewed top footwear for athletes 2017, you must know some important facts about shoes anatomy and how to select a best pair of athletic shoes.

What to check?

Most of the buyers select the athletic shoes by considering the attractive view of the shoe upper. It is not fine, especially when you are buying athletic shoes to improve your performance. You should also look for the quality of the midsole, outsole, insole, lasting, heel collar, heel counter, shoe tongue, and the lacing system. All of these different parts of a shoe matter, when you run, jump, need grip during the game-play or running.

Where to buy?

There is no need to say that e-retailers are providing the best collection of modern athletic shoes. However, some users worry about finding the shoes with perfect fit and at the best price. The local retailers certainly do not offer the best and the latest options in athletic shoes. Only online shoe stores provide you with the best athletic and other types of shoes. Of course, you can enjoy a budget purchase at discounted prices. So, let’s check the reviews of top 5 footwear for athletes 2017 and buy a pair that meets all your requirements.

  1. Asics Gel-Nimbus 19:

Many big shoe brands are ruling the market, but Asics has earned the top position for impressive style and comfort without concerning about the trends. The Asics Gel-Nimbus 19 is a great product from this brand. It is lightweight and high-cushion shoe with many other features. There are shock absorption elements at the heel and midsole. The FlyteFoam tech turns it into the best athletic shoe at the present time. It is available in various different size, the drop is 10 mm, and weight is only 315 grams.

  1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7:

When it comes to running, the pro runners know that there is nothing like New Balance produces. It is a brand that produces over 4 million shoes for the US citizens. The Fresh Foam 1080 is probably the best available running shoes because of its quality and performance. It is an ultra light shoe, which provides you soft landing with plush ride. The upper material is prepared from breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry, whether you run for a few minutes or for several minutes. The drop is only 8 mm and the shoe weighs only 293 grams. You can consider it, if you really seek professional level athletic shoes.

  1. Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2:

There are only a few brands that actually spend a lot of time and money on research and development. Nike seems the pioneering shoe brand in this field because it had introduced the Flyknit Racer during 2012 after ten years’ research and development. It was a revolutionary turn, after which many other brands were trying to follow the path suggested by Nike. The latest LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 offers foam-fitting, breathable and lightweight construction for top-class experience. The drop in this shoe is 8.5 mm and it weighs only 249 grams and thus the LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 would be a great choice for runners and athletes. s

  1. Hoka One One Bondi 5:

If you are hunting for a pair of athletic shoes with natural stability and top-class cushion, try the Hoka One One Bondi 5. These shoes are built to run over hard trails, including the tracks and concrete roads. Of course, the shoes are lightweight and weigh only 283 grams. You get the signature soft ride of Hoka brand and the durability of the shoes is impeccable. The drop in these shoes is 4 mm and the performance is pretty satisfying, whether you run a few meters or a few miles.

  1. Reebok Print Smooth Ultraknit:

It is not possible to keep Reebok out of the list, especially when you are preparing the list of the best athletic shoes. The Print Smooth Ultraknit is prepared with the Ultraknit technology. It is Reebok’s patent version of knitted yarn upper. This shoe is form-fitting, lightweight, and quite breathable. Your feet will remain dry for the whole day. The solid cup and robust plastic heel improve the quality of the overall construction. The buyers agree that Print Smooth Ultraknit is one of the best modern running shoes for perfect comfort and improved athletic abilities. The drop is 10 mm and this shoe weighs only 259 grams.

All the listed shoes have received a huge response from the pro athletes and buyers. You can choose anyone of them to enjoy running and improve your health.

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