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Looking to rent a house in Australia? Learn the top 10 things your real estate agent won’t tell you about your rights as a tenant. When a person rents a property, he is entitled to certain rights. There are various laws regarding tenancy rights which vary from one state to another. These laws govern things like the tenant’s rights to privacy, getting the bond back, etc. However, only a few people are aware of their rights as a tenant. But it’s extremely important that you familiarize yourself with all the tenancy rights you have before you move in. It will help you deal with the problems that may arise in the future.   Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Rights As A Tenant  Below, we have put together a list of 10 things you must know before renting a property in Australia.  
  1. Your Landlord/Agent Must Give You A Receipt and A ‘Bond Lodgement’ Form When You Pay The Bond
Bond is the advanced deposit that tenants pay at the start when they rent a property. It is taken as security in case the tenant doesn’t perform the end of lease cleaning or damage the property. It is usually an amount equal to 4 weeks rent. The tenant can pay the money as a lump sum or in installments. However, your landlord must give you a receipt for any payments you make. He also needs to give you a ‘Bond Lodgment’ form that contains details about how much bond you have paid. You can complain to Fair Trading if your landlord/agent asks for a bond of more than 4 weeks rent.  
  1. The Landlord/Agent Must Fill In a Condition Report When You Enter Into A New Lease
Your landlord/agent must provide an entry condition report to you when you move in. This report explains the condition of the property. Your landlord must give you 2 copies of the condition report. You will keep one and return the other one to your landlord. The condition report must be done within 10 days. You can use this report as evidence if your landlord disputes the return of your bond when you will move out.  
  1. You Can Arrange For Any Urgent Repairs Yourself With the Assurance Of Getting Your Money Back
If you notice something that needs to be fixed urgently, you first need to inform your landlord/agent about the matter. If you can’t contact your landlord or he is unwilling to fix the problem, then you can arrange for the necessary repairs to be done yourself. You can apply to the tribunal if your landlord doesn’t pay you within 14 days.  
  1. You Don’t Always Need To Steam Clean The Carpets To Get Your Bond Back
While in Melbourne, you will need to hire a professional for carpet steam cleaning. In a few cities, you are just responsible for leaving the carpets in a clean state (Unless otherwise stated as a special term on your lease). You don’t always need to get it professionally cleaned to get your bond back.  
  1. You Can Go Through The Official Websites Of Your State To Learn More About Your Rights As A Tenant
The official websites of your state or territory will provide you with the latest and accurate information on the rights you have as a tenant. Official organization in different states and territories:   Queensland – Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) New South Wales – Fair Trading NSW Western Australia – Tenancy WA ACT – Tenants ACT Northern Territory – Consumer Affairs NT Victoria – Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) South Australia –Consumer and Business Services SA Tasmania – Tenants Union Of Tasmania   Final Thoughts So, these are a few important things you should keep in mind before you rent a property in Australia. Consider going through other relevant online sources for more information.      

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