Cricket is a sport that is liked and played by people around the world. Some hardworking and talented people who love this sport leave no stone unturned every single day and illuminate their country’s name around the world. The most important thing to play this sport is a bat and ball. Other than bat and ball, shoes are very necessary to have a perfect grip on the ground. They provide grip while batting, bowling, and fielding. You can also look for Cricket batting spikes shoes at Kookaburra, they have a wide range of the best quality spikes shoes.

For those who are fond of playing cricket regularly, it is best advised to be equipped and prepared well rather than dealing with injuries and their stiffness. So here are the top 6 cricket gear, If you play the sport regularly.

  1. Spikes Shoes To Increase Grip:

Cricket is basically a sport of running. Thus, good quality spike shoes are important as they provide comfort and grip over the ground. If you use spike shoes you don’t have to face any problem while running on the ground and taking runs. Spikes shoes cause friction that provides extra grip with the surface and they are much lighter than training shoes.

  1. Ball:

A cricket ball is a solid, hardball. A cricket ball is made up of twine wounds bound tightly around a cork core. There are three different balls that are used in cricket they are-red, white and pink. The white ball is used for limited over-game format(one day’s or T-20). While the red and pink ball is used for longer format games(test matches).

  1. Bat:

The bat is traditionally made from willow wood particularly from a variety of white willows also called cricket bat willow. Cricket bats come in many sizes. The size of the bat cannot be more than 10.8 cm wide and 96.8 cm long. You might be thinking that a  bigger size bat is more suitable for a cricket player. However, that’s not true, if your height is small it will be difficult for you to handle a bigger size bat. Thus, you should always buy a  bat according to your height which bat will be suited for you.

  1. Stumps:

The stumps are three vertical posts usually made up of wood. Stumping is very important in cricket for LBW, DRS, run out, etc. (basically it is a method of dismissing batsmen)

  1. Helmet:

In the game of cricket, helmets are used so that the batsmen do not hurt by a short pitch ball. So cricket helmets were designed to prevent serious injuries due to hitting the cricket ball on the head. The helmet is worn by the wicket-keeper and batsmen.

  1. Gloves And Leg Pads:

To protect hands and fingers from injury gloves are used. Cricket gloves must be soft and of great flexibility, safety, and comfort. Whereas, leg pads are worn by the batsmen to protect the leg bones from the impact of the ball.



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