During the summer, air conditioning plays an important part in keeping your home cool; nevertheless, your job isn’t done once you install it; you must also keep your AC updated from time to time, as even minor issues in the system of your AC can cause major problems.

Although you can discover various Sansone Air Conditioning Reviews online claiming that a particular company’s air conditioner is the greatest, however even a decent quality air conditioner can be damaged due to various reasons. Therefore, in today’s article, I’ll show you how to keep your air conditioner up to date.

Clean the dirt out of the condenser or replace the air conditioner’s filtering system.

When your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly, there are two possible causes: dirt in the filtration system or waste trapped in the condenser outside. The two most important actions to follow in this situation are to replace the filtration system or clean the condenser. If the problem persists after completing these two steps, contact your nearby air conditioner repair service.

Clean the indoor coil.

The filtration system is critical to the operation of an air conditioner; without it, no AC can function properly. As a result, it is vital to change the filtration system every month to keep the indoor coil clean and provide proper air filtering. Therefore, replace the Filtration system of your AC every one or two months.

Keep the air conditioner’s condenser clean.

The dirt in the condenser could be the cause of the AC’s poor cooling, thus it’s important to inspect or clean the exterior condenser of the AC from time to time. If you notice dust, leaves, or any other waste in the condenser, wash it with a power washer right away since the sharp spray of water from the shower will remove all of the waste trapped inside. However, remember to switch off the air conditioner before washing.

Nothing should be placed on top of the air conditioners outside unit.

If you put something on top of your air conditioner’s exterior unit, such as a pot, a cloth, or an awning, it might restrict the airflow, preventing the air conditioner from cooling your room, therefore always keep in mind that nothing should be put on the AC’s outer unit so that the air can pass out easily.

Keep an eye out for frost on the outside of the unit of your air conditioner.

During the summer, frost forms on the outside part or pipes of the air conditioner, but many people are unaware of its effects on the cooling system, so they ignore it, even though it is relatively uncommon and requires maintenance. Because that means your air conditioner is frozen and won’t work.

Thawing the system is the most effective technique to resolve this issue. This will defrost the system; however, you must switch off the AC at the thermostat and leave the AC fan working during this procedure. After a few hours, your air conditioner will resume normal operation.

Plants should be kept away from the air conditioner.

If you’ve planted bushes near your AC’s unit, please ensure they’re at least 24-36 inches away from the unit. Your AC needs to be able to flow out air without being obstructed, and plants near the unit could become a barrier to the AC’s ability to do so.


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