So, this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend among the top rap artists managed to show us the very best of the famed musicians teamed up in two squads and competing against one another.

Which is exactly why you should definitely be pretty much excited after watching both Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz face off one another with their own teams of rappers playing in this year’s all-star basketball game hosted by Adidas. You can bet on this match on

Basketball vs. Rap Skills: Who do you think showed the best result?

1. 2 Chainz

Basketball skills: Chainz, coaching the teammates picked by him, has proven to be arguably called the most talented baller on the court. In accordance with ESPN, formerly known as Tity Boi, the man used to play basketball for his college team back in 1996. 2 Chainz came off the bench, in fact, but you certainly don’t play college basketball with no trace of skills. And despite coming off due to an injury, it actually looks like the guy still has something to show!

2. Quavo

Basketball skills: Quavo has demonstrated to be a hell of an athlete. Back in the day, he played as a quarterback for his high school team and even managed to set the county record for the completions. So, no doubt, his abilities have transferred to the court as well – since becoming a super successful rapper, he has shown his hoop talent plenty of times.

3. Machine Gun Kelly

Basketball skills: MGK is tall enough and he may be the only one on our list to boast an NBA championship ring since the Cavs have given the dude one after their triumph in 2016.

4. YFN Lucci

Basketball skills: If you decide to watch some of the game tapes of this Atlanta-native showing off in minor celebrity games, you will find that YFN is a fairly talented baller with a nasty inner jumper.

5. Trinidad James

Basketball skills: Alright, we actually were expecting James to be quite trashy since the man is, well, Trinidad James…but the guy is a pure beast! He can surely brag a crazy shot and dropping dimes right from behind the arc.

6. Chris Brown

Basketball skills: Breezy certainly can feel free in the game. He is quite an athletic dude. And that comes as no surprise since the man is a real devil at dancing and he makes a double threat on the basketball court. Chris has nice jumper skills he can pull out, plus he is also pretty nimble when it comes to driving to the basket.

7. Snoop Dogg

Basketball skills: Now, Snoop is tall enough and equally experienced as he has appeared in a ton of celebrity matches over the past years. However, the main problem is that he is 46 and smokes weed, like, everyday, which is doubtful to be too good for his endurance. All in all, his height makes him real tough to reach and the man can certainly be a layup machine.

8. Young Dolph

Basketball skills: There is not much of Dolph’s game material out there to find and check out YD’s skills, so we’d like to take his word for that. In an interview, Dolph used to compare himself to Memphis legendary player Penny Hardaway. And if that is not convincing enough for you, maybe the man’s confidence levels in his own potential will win you over.

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