Want to beautify or conceal the construction site? Or do you want to promote an event or set up barriers for outdoor activities such as marathons, races, cycling events or parades- fence wraps or fence banners is what you need to make the event more attractive and appealing. Branded fence wraps are used wisely for brand exposure at outdoor events and also often used as crowd controller. They cover temporarily or permanently a fencing and scaffolding. If you want to boost brand awareness, fences offer a unique opportunity. You just need the right signage to convert a fence into a marketing billboard so that you can target the passers-by.

Where can you use Branded Fence Wraps?

Fence wraps are able to cover the area masking the visibility which is either blocked out or reduced. They offer you great branding opportunities. These fence wraps can be used for:

  • Advertisement of Construction Site Contractor
  • Screening Temporary Fence Rentals
  • Outdoor Advertising of a company
  • Promoting events

How are Branded Fence Wrap made?

For making branded fence wraps, usually the material or the fabric that is used is mesh PVC or Airtel and are printed using full color digital printing. Since the branded fence wraps are printed digitally, there are as such no restrictions with respect to the colors or designs that are to be used. This way you may go for a fence wrap graphics that are simple like a company logo on a solid colored background, or as detailed as a full colored photo or some intricate designs. The mesh used for making fence wraps has small holes which allow wind to pass. This allows reduced strain on fence. From the distance these holes are invisible and only the printed designs are seen.

Types of Material used in These Fence Wraps are:

Fence Mesh -Flow: Flow is a popular fence mesh. Ample wind is let through the open weave though in doing so a bit of image details and vibrancy is reduced.

Types of Branded Fence Wraps

  1. Fence Mesh -Lite: It is a mix of Max and Flow. This material offers good privacy and also good amount of wind can pass through. Fine details are not possible, but image quality depends on how much you are willing to spend. Colors retain vibrancy.
  2. Fence Mesh -Max: It is a good product for quality images. The close weaves offer maximum privacy and also a bigger surface area for lots of ink. More detailing is possible. Brighter colors can be used. It is strong therefore can be used in windy locations so long as the fence is strong.
  3. Hoarding Graphics: For solid hoarding a mural printed on self-adhesive vinyl or PVC skin can be used. There are other options as well for this purpose and you must talk to your project manager about it. Get price quotes from various dealers and choose as per your need.

Digital printing has brought a major transformation in this industry. Repetitive designs or unique images can be printed now on various substrates as per the customers’ requirements. Size specifications as per your need can also be made. It is easy to get a customized designed branded fence wrap.

You can get single fence wraps or series of them for multiple locations. The purpose is that your brand gets noticed by maximum people. The light weight fence banners and UV rated which last for years are popular. However, you can decide as per you need. Branded fence wraps are cost effective way for advertising. So, it’s time to generate leads while improving site appearance and public safety.


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