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Travel: How Do I Get to Penang from Singapore?

There is a lot to do once you’ve reached Penang. Penang has gained international popularity because of its high-quality street food and beautiful beaches. But getting there can take some effort on your end. Fortunately, with this guide, we can help’ you arrive at your destination while still staying on budget.


A bus to Penang from Singapore will take approximately 10 hours and over 700km. Due to these travel constraints, you should consider a booking a night bus that leaves Singapore around 9-10am so you can arrive in Penang by 6-8am.

One-way bus fares cost around 35 SGD (Singapore Dollars) to 61 SGD depending on the pick-up point and the bus companies. If you want to take a trusted and reputable express bus service, then opt for Sri Maju.

Alternatively, you can break up the 10-hour journey to stop around and explore. You can stop at Kuala Lumpur where you can do some shopping, have a meal, or check out some of the citie’s nightlife before riding to Penang.

From Singapore, there are some pick-up points such a the Golden mile Tower, Golden Mile Complex, Serangoon Road, Boon Lay, and City Plaza. All the long-distance express buses end at the Sungai Binbong Bus Terminal, that’s 10km away from Georgetown.

There are a lot of express services to choose from when arriving at Kuala Lumpur. Approximately, the bus ride will take 5-6 hours. As for the bus trip, there are many departures during the day and very competitive fares.


While you can take the bus to Penang from Singapore, you can also take the train as well. However, there are multiple transfer stops and routes when taking this option. Here is a simple train transfer route you can take:

Woodlands Train Checkpoint > JB Sentral > Gemas > KL Sentral > Butterworth > Penang Island (Ferry).

We suggest that you order your tickets early. Doing so will reduce the chance of missing your train while setting you up for a comfortable ride to your destination.


If you’re in a hurry, you can fly from Singapore to Penang. On average, a one-way ticket from Singapore to Penang is around 79 SGD if you’re traveling light and don’t have checked-in baggage.

The main benefit of traveling through air is the time saved. It takes less time than taking the bus or by train and is more convenient.

Travel Time: Approximately 3 hours, 1 hour before the flight + 1 hr and 20 minutes flight time + airport transfer to the final destination.

Total Cost: It costs about 79-450 SGD depending on the airlines for airlines such as Jetstar or Tigerair, (carry-on baggage only). Premium airlines tend to have fares around 300 up to 450 SGD for a return flight and transfer to the desired destination.


To conclude, there are multiple ways to get to Penang. No matter which route you take, plan in advance to ensure that you can get to your destination on time. By doing so, you’ll arrive on Penang island and have enough time to enjoy everything that it has to offer.

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