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5 Do’s & Don’ts of Spring Break Packing

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Spring break is the first holiday that everyone awaits with anticipation. And it is no wonder. You will have some time off from school and you will be spending it with your friends, probably partying. Whatever your destination is, we have some advice on what to and what not to pack.

Shoes and high heels

You may think you need 2 pair of high heels, and 3 pair of sneakers or sandals, but think again. Not only do they take up a lot of space in your suitcase but they will probably stay there for the whole trip. Since the most popular spring break destination is anywhere with a beach, high heels are not something you can wear in the sand. Bring maybe just one pair, or replace them with some flat sandals you can pack easily but that you can also wear on a night out. And don’t fool yourself, one pair of sneakers is also more than enough. You are going to spend most of the time barefoot anyways.

Beach pastime

Something that comes to mind when we think about a perfect vacation is reading a good book on the beach with a drink in our hand. And it is a great pastime, but certainly not for spring break, especially if you are going to a popular or crowded place. Daytime parties with loud music, drinking with friends, or even sightseeing leave no time for reading. In addition, books are heavy and you will have to pack less wardrobe if you bring them. If nothing else, this is your break from reading and studying, so consider spending it with your friends. A great replacement for a beach pastime is playing cards.

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are a must for any vacation but especially if your holiday is going to be a little wild. Beside magnesium to help you with tiredness and jet lag, and vitamin B for boosting your immune system, add some CoQ10 for your overall wellbeing. It is a supplement that keeps your LDL cholesterol under control, protecting your heart from cardiovascular diseases. It helps the creation of ATP, which will give you the energy you need after traveling. It will also restore your depo of vitamin E helping the antioxidants in your body do their job. So, in just one bottle, you have a range of different vitamins and supplements making it easier to travel with.

Beauty products

Packing blow driers, hair straighteners, and many tubes of lotion and make-up is not really practical. They are bulgy and you will only use them a few times. Instead of bringing all that yourself, make a deal with your friends. One can bring the blow drier, the other can bring toothpaste for everyone, the third one can bring sunscreen. If this also is not a good option, then buy everything you need once you get there, or bring travel sized bottles.

Laptops and other technology

Bringing too much technology is definitely a bad idea, especially when you think about everything you need. A laptop for music, speakers, camera, chargers, and batteries for all of that. First of all, it is going to be time-consuming when you come to the airport check. You also risk it being stolen, forgetting something and simply carrying that much is not practical. Instead, find a way to combine all of that in your smartphone. Download music, or use wi-fi once you get there. Find out more about your camera options and you will be able to take professional photos without a camera. Just pack a selfie stick or a small tripod for your phone and you are ready to go.

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